BLiSS - Charts December 2017

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My name is Yonatan, some know me as Bliss. I am an active music producer and dj since 2005. Music is my passion and performance is my thrill. Its all a reflection of what goes on in my life.


Shpongle - Celestial Intoxication

Rising Dust - Blow

Ajja & Alpha Portal - The Other Side

Ritmo & Lifeforms - Orchid

Terra - Vox de Bulgaria

Astrix & Freedom Fighters - Burning Stones

Avalon & Azax - Stand Tall

Infected Mushroom - Bust A Move

Ranji - Psychedelic Experience

Bliss - My LSD Song

2 weeks ago


'Onn Town' Just got relased and is availble for download & stream
Grab Your Copy Here:
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Here is the master of the master, live the psy trance !!! 🙏🙌

Tiago Leonel Bottaro tu lembra da xxxperience? Das guitarrinha?

Wouter Adriaenssens als ik in kieldrecht draait moet gij live rocken mee u gitaar

Anything related to this is very important

Meu Deus do céu mano que sonzera do caralho, vai se fude Willian Felix


Jacopo bliss fa questa roba qua, live


Mais que caralho aahw Matheus Lima sksksk


Lhy Nyckyer ai papaizeeeeeum

What is your life man <3

Como ele consegue produzir uma musica dessa , coisa de outro mundoo

Aaah como eu te amooo 😍😍😍😍😍

Here is that guy I told you about. Nate ネイサン Kaos

Vixi maria

Foda pá caraaai

Coisa boa!!!

É bailão de Israel nessa porraaaaaa👹🕉🏄

Meu deuusssss


Seloko ..

טווווב,כמה אושר 😋

Mauricio te liga nesse ahahhaha

Gabriel Trevisan ta moscando fi se manda mais doq esse tiu ai

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2 weeks ago

BLiSS ... See MoreSee Less


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Amazing work as always bro!

2 months ago


I am happy to once again join forces onstage with the shroom... IM21 ... See MoreSee Less


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returns to Argentina next to infected mushroom ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

Laura Sarmento é só o bliss de guitarrista do infected mushroom no ultra

Janine Arndt hast du uns schon eintragen lassen? Damit du David Schacht und mich fahren kannst 💃💃☝️😘😍😎

Felipe Sasaki olha ai o bliss foi guitarrista do infected mushroom

Ramon Raschle isch da biz zufriedestellender? 😅 i fir eif infected

Pleaseeee come to quebec 😁😁

MoonChild Charlie dude...imagine the level of crazy we would be dealing with.

would of loved to be there live..haha.

i miss you :'( come back to Argentina please !!! 🙁

Brent Brady Corey Brady one day soon id say ra ta ta taaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

Infected Blisshroom!!

Pronto llegará el día que las lleve a una de estas como prometí Fer VvgMariela AB

Loris Maximilien aaahuhuhhuuuuuu je suis zinzin

@vwarena , Organizatörlere duyurulur.Bu adamların Arenaya gelmesi lazım.(Waiting for you Im21 - Istanbul Vw Arena)

Rúben Lages ia ver isto na boa

Why this dick even have a guitar in the first place ?

Giovanni Ramos this would be fucking tiiiiight

Talita Vieira nem só de edm vive o Ultra

Nicholas olha isso, arrepiadaa

No hay mejor proyecto que el de A-team!!!

Where is Onn Town?

Matias Denis mira esto x dioss

Mickael 😮 gavottage

que sonho ver esses dois junto no Brasil

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