BLiSS - Charts December 2017

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My name is Yonatan, some know me as Bliss. I am an active music producer and dj since 2005. Music is my passion and performance is my thrill. Its all a reflection of what goes on in my life.


Shpongle - Celestial Intoxication

Rising Dust - Blow

Ajja & Alpha Portal - The Other Side

Ritmo & Lifeforms - Orchid

Terra - Vox de Bulgaria

Astrix & Freedom Fighters - Burning Stones

Avalon & Azax - Stand Tall

Infected Mushroom - Bust A Move

Ranji - Psychedelic Experience

Bliss - My LSD Song

1 week ago


Playing 'BLiSS On Mushrooms' at Neverland Festival was so much fun!
Grab your copy:
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Datdansen Daniela Martin sollen wir das nicht nächtes Jahr mal ins Auge fassen ? Ist in Holland, also nicht so weit und Preis geht auch klar ^^

Não esqueço o dia que fui no show desse cara, é um Espetáculo!!! Crazyyy

See you soon in DK!


I hope u all had a lovely night 🙂 bliss keep rocking da shit! 🙂 blizzzzzzzz

Baden Sinclair we gotta go see him once in our life time

When are you coming to Cape Town????? 🤤🤤

What the name of the track?

come back to Belgium pls

Luke Anderson we got to see the bilzzzz one day

Cool cooler BLiSS

MiBro, doch dahin?

Geraldo Neto olha noia o nome do festiva gringo memo

Aí comanda!!!


איזה רוצח בליססס

Eliane Ribeiro Vinícius Lorca Carol e como nois vai tá semana que vem hahaha xama bonito haha

Melchiorre già me lo vedo a saracena un tuo concerto di questo


Christian sieht auch nicht schlecht aus 😁


Se esse cara continuar assim Não tem quem pare ! 🔥

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2 weeks ago


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Track of the year!

Quite sure you're on mushrooms...


אומנות במיטבה. אין מילים ♥♥♥

2 weeks ago


Thats me on a Mushroom 🍄 8.11.2018 ... See MoreSee Less

Thats me on a Mushroom 🍄 8.11.2018


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feat miyavi? for real? goooooooood! Daeclan Nidaime

Take me with ya haha 🙂 have a good one!!

This one hasn't got out yet and already it's by far my FAVORITE friend on mushrooms 🍄 Amazing work 👌🏼

You are the best! On mushrooms 🍄

Looking good


Amazing cover 🏆




Aunim 👀👀👀

Lior Honovich Liron Yehezkel Rel Haziza #תודהליאור #אחלהתאריך

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