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Any Sublabels to mention here?
Avatar Music- They complete our range of sound & BNE has done their exclusive worldwide distribution for many years.

When was your label founded?
BNE was established in 1991. YoYo Records, which is the label where are our artists are signed to was founded in 1994.

How would you define the style of your label and the music you are releasing?
Pure Electronic music – a simple definition that makes it accessible to everyone who appreciates the genre.

Who is/are your main distribution?
BNE is the world-wide distributor for the ‘YoYo Records’ label and ‘Avatar-Music’. We are affiliated with a chain of distributors and licensees worldwide who take care of our products.

Labelconcept and -philosophy?
The concept – We have such skillful producers in Israel, why not expose them to the rest of the world ?
The philosophy – Perfecting the underground, shaping the sound of tomorrow.

Number of releases so far?
Our 86’th release is coming out in August 13th – ‘Fatali : ReConstruct’, a highly anticipated release bringing forth a different & unique sound by this amazing artist.

Copies per release (Vinyl/CD)?
a)Our artists, whom we are signed with, they know everything, but we can’t discuss such a thing in public.

b)The I.R.S, they can ask this question (:

Releases you consider to be milestones in your label history (i.ex. bestseller or other legendary releases)?
The following are considered as milestones in our label history :
Mystica – Ever Rest 12′ (Perfecto)
Mystica – Age Of Innocence (YoYo)
Space Cat – Beam Me Up (YoYo)
Infected Mushroom – Classical Mushroom (YoYo)
Infected Mushroom – Converting Vegetarians (YoYo)
Infected Mushroom – Birthday (YoYo)
Oforia – Let It Beat (YoYo)
Violet Vision – UnFold (YoYo)
Cosma – Simplicity (YoYo)
Fatali – Faith (YoYo)
MoShic – Salamat (YoYo)
Timelock – Power Charge(YoYo)
V/A – Sub Conscious (YoYo)
V/A – Life Is (YoYo)

Your artist pool?
Astral Projection
Atomic Pulse
Freak Show
Future Prophecy
Infected Mushroom
Silent Hill
Time Lock

Up to five upcoming releases:
Fatali – ReConstruct
V/A – Advanced Options V.3 / Compiled by Echotek
Oforia – The Remixes Project
Timelock – Prototype 0.1
Atomic Pulse – The Remixes Project

Your opinion about the current evolution of (psy) trance and your position there?
Our position is to keep the flow of exciting new releases and artists to this evolving scene.
Our opinion is that this genre is becoming accessible to more and more people every year, and it reflects in the amount of events worldwide, from small underground parties to mega festivals, so we can only hope to see it getting bigger and bigger.

Your opinion about the digital age (digital releases/distribution)?
It divides the crowd into two portions: Those that are downloading illegal will never be considered as paying customers, however, they can get exposed to certain music and then go and hear the artists/dj play live.

Those who still appreciate the hard efforts behind the creation of the music will just split to those who will stay with the CD or Vinyl, and others will continue to shop on line and download mp3’s – simple.
The digital era bring advantages, such as new means to expose and market your creation, your music can be heard, reviewed and sold digitally. The only thing left is to create the demand and let the people choose the format, CD, vinyl, MP3, Ring tone, who cares? The main factor for the coming future is creating the demand, then people will follow.

Your opinion about the future of (psy) trance and your position in it?
We, the Trance community must continue in our on going mutual efforts to increase the awareness and gather as many like-minded people, our language is universal and the universal Trance tribe is huge in 2007 so let’s hope this growth will just continue in this pace.


Your name / position?
Avi Yossef
A&R – YoYo Records