Vini Vici causes a breakthrough for the Psytrance scene

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Thanks to Vini Vici a Psytrance track dominates the Beatport electronic music charts

Vini Vici almost topped the OVERALL (and that’s including ALL genres!) Beatport charts with their Psytrance remix of “Hilight Tribe – Free Tibet”, as Rinkadink reports in his video post on Facebook. He says this is a breakthrough for the Psytrance scene and that this is the most success that any Psytrance track has ever had on the world’s largest online store for electronic music, Beatport! The track is currently coming in second in the Beatport Top 10. Time to show our support and prove that the trance family can work together for the greater good, so if you can, buy the track and push it to pole position!!! Also, 50% of sales for this track are to be donated to the Free Tibet Foundation. How cool is that? If you haven’t already guessed, the Free Tibet Foundation which is entirely funded by supporters around the world, is dedicated to raising international awareness for Chinas occupation of Tibet.

Back to the track, and the stir up it is causing – this is actually a historic moment for the Psytrance scene. One could argue whether it is good or bad, but what can be seen here is a trend that Psytrance is being elevated to a broader audience. Hell, even ultra-famous commercial Trance DJ Armin van Buuren picked up the track in his ASOT – A State of Trance – radio broadcast (Episode 747), a closer look at the playlist also reveals other familiar names like Liquid Soul and Coming Soon (yes, it’s an artist name)!!!.

Interesting times ahead. I personally welcome the fact that more and more people get to hear Psytrance as I am convinced merely listening to Psytrance somewhat opens minds, but I am sure there are other voices out there wanting it to stay underground. Feel free to comment below.

(Philip Rebensburg)