Solja – Dancing with hoops


Hoop-dancing offers an infinite abundance of possibilities to combine music, body and hoop into a wonderfully harmonious whole. Transcendental FLOW with Solja Now, how exactly do you dance with a Hula Hoop? Of course you can learn Hula-hoop only in …

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Isbelio Godoy

Isbelio Godoy comenzó su carrera artística en el año 2008. Desde entonces trabaja bajo tres disciplinas; la pintura, el muralismo y el dibujo.  En sus inicios su trabajo tuvo una fuerte influencia de las tendencias de la cultura del graffiti …

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Tree Of Light

  Tree Of Light It´s a multimedia art studio created in 2012 by Leonel Vieira Coelho, after graduating in 2010 in Fine Arts – Painting and Multimedia, at FBAUP (Faculty of Fine Arts, University of Porto). They do projection mapping …

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Mr. Pink

Everybody at the big festivals knows Mr. Pink. He is half naked and painted in pink and jumps out the crowd as if he emerged from another dimension.

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Hey, my name is Manula-UV. My first contact with trance music and psychedelic art was in a small town at the Balic Sea in 1996.

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Grille – stretch fabrics party decoration


Out of initial fascination for street-art developed a passion for party-decoration. Grille intends to create holistic fantasy worlds for the attendance A Blacklite child has matured Graffitis in lieu of paintings Christian is simply called Grille by everyone. As a …

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Illuminated Art

The projections and mappings of Illuminated Art reach truly cosmic dimensions and make him one of the most popular light artist of our scene.

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Fakiri sa Juga

Literally translated from Serbian, our name means ’’Fakirs from the South’’. We hold strong sensations, both sensual and supersensual, as our sacrament, as the essence of life itself. We delve ever deeper, always searching for the new and unseen trough multiple levels of …

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Fashion Special 2016: Psylo

psylo fashion

Psylo brings forward a fusion of unique culture, contemporary art, and ancient artifacts that is incorporated into their edgy cuts. Catering to the wide diversity of genre sub-cultures, their clothes are sought out by the Punks, Emos, Goths, and are …

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Fashion Special 2016: Phoenyx

phoenyx fashion special

Phoenyx From Switzerland with love! We provide you with freak clothes and streetwear directly from our designers‘ think tanks from the whole world. With everything for a cool decoration for your home und for fun and games at the festival …

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Fashion Special 2016: Marandai

marandai fashion special

Marandai – The Art-Storming Family Far off consumer compulsion, Marandai works towards a perfect fusion of art appreciation and eco-friendliness. Brands like Public Beta, but also fairly traded unique pieces and Upcycling treasures by local artisans are found in the …

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Fashion Special 2016: Aurin Spaceland

Aurin Spaceland – fancy fashion for fancy people Several small labels and young designers, for whom fair trade – from production to the customer – is as much important as for us, are represented in Aurin. Aurin offers fashion and …

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In 2011 Andrei Averin aka ShivaOm started to create art works in the style of DIGITAL ART. After receiving good reviews in 2012, Andrei with a friend and partner musician Sergei Grigoriadi aka Tus’ka decided to produce a first collection …

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