FAM Records

Going for the more jaunty sub-genres of Psytrance, previous releases are showing FAM‘s fondness for fresh Dark, Forest and Hightech sounds. In 2011 DJ Tschan started the label Fractal Audio Machinery Records – FAM Records – with Thomas of Asarualim, …

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Maharetta Records


Maharetta is a record label based in Spain. The idea for the record label was born during a festival in 2010. The ethos is to represent high quality Spanish Trance artists not getting opportunities to release abroad. After a year …

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Artist & Label Special


Gratulation- entgegen der Behauptung verbitterter Nostalgiker gibt es heute so viel gute und innovative Musik wie nie zuvor- die nächsten Seiten mögen als unterhaltsamer Beweis dafür herhalten! Live ist das neue DJ Dem einen oder der anderen ist es sicher …

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More than 10 years after the creation of Hadra, five after the release of ‚Fantasia‘, now Driss, architect of both association and label, presents his new double compilation composed of 19 mind-blowing tracks demonstrating his predilection for ‚Psychedelic Full On‘. …

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Prog On Syndicate

Nicht nur als Produzent und Liveact gehört Querox derzeit zu den Durchstartern der Progressive Szene- auch sein Label Prog On Syndicate erfreut sich weltweit wachsender Beliebtheit. Im Juni kommt dort mit „How Life Goes On’ das Debütalbum von Querox mit …

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Vertigo Records

What is the sound of Vertigo Records, how did it evolve? At the beginning, Vertigo was known for its cutting-edge Dark Psy releases, both from Russian and international artists like e.g. Psykovsky, Furious, Terminator, The Nommos or Dejan- which we …

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Netlabels for psychedelic minds


Digital Diamonds If we say ‘Psychedelic Techno’, we are not talking about another ‘Tech House can be psychedelic’ project. Spirallianz, Midimiliz, and the more recent releases of X-Dream – this is the way it goes! Rather hard, woozy, deep sounds. …

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CYAN Music


Why did you decide to start a netlabel? We always liked the ideas of Open Source and Creative Commons, so it was just logical to get involved ourselves. Our main idea is to make available good and special music to …

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Net Labels


Take any given Psy Trance hit, compare its obvious popularity with the sales number of the CD or the digital download and you will have to admit: Our scene is everything but innocent in terms of illegal music downloads. You …

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Chris Zippel


Well known for his project Genuine among lovers of sophisticated Chill Out, Chris Zippel is a true jack of all trades. Successfully producing electronic music under numerous monikers since the early nineties, he is looking back on a remarkable rich …

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The South African duo Corona is held to be one of the most up-and-coming projects in the field of intelligent Psy Trance music at moment. Tracks of their second album ‘Sonar Luminescence’ have been carefully distributed among international dj‘s and …

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Electric Power Pole


News from the Electric Power Pole: The Australian label is just about to release ‘Myriad Expressions’. Compiled by Steven Zanuttini, one of the two heads behind the project Hedonix, this CD is described to be a ‘concoction of psychedelic morning …

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Who is Krusseldorf and where does the name come from? Krusseldorf is all of us, the collective village of beast, insect and man. The name was visualized during several occasions, one was a deep meditative and drug infused state. Tell …

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True to their belief that music is a form of freedom, DiePsyden come up with a totally genuine style of music. What they call Psygressive is a sound that creates that typical trance moment when one forgets everything around. Psychologically, …

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Mikael Bakke is well known for his innovative and fresh up-to-date DJ sets of Progressive and Tech House. Following his jump start in 1995, the graphic designer had the privilege to perform all over the world at great festivals and …

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Paulina Cewe


Paulina Cewe has developed deep atmospheric progressive trance by both producing and djing since early 2000. The insatiable appetite for grinding beats and piercing bass lines has been her driving force with one common denominator: to find explicit tracks that …

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Das Kraftfuttermischwerk


Also referred to as ‘that really good Ambient project with that really odd German name’, Das Kraftfuttermischwerk has long become an established term for laid-back listening pleasure beyond the borders of music genres. Founded in 1996 by four friends who …

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For 19 years this vivacious lady has been rocking across Germany, & many internationa you have any live sets from recent gigs perhaps? For the future I would love to get the time to getting more into the producing, we …

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VJ Amanita


Amanita’s real name is Olga and she hails from St.Petersburg in Russia. The winding ways of life led her to Germany in 2002, then further to the Techno scenes of Barcelona and Ibiza with the final destination being Hamburg. Her …

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