Look inside the Goabook (Video)

This unique book about the trance movement is an anthology of the international and Psytrance generation. It is the first book that describes the scene as a whole. The articles are written by 45 insiders of the international Psytrance scene from five continents. The pictures originate from some of the best photographers globally.

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Die Magie von Ozora – mit Raja Ram und Mr. Pink

Ozora Festival - Mr Pink and Raja Ram with fairys and elfs

Eine fantastische, mitreißende Reise in spirituelle Welten auf dem O.Z.O.R.A. Festival. Eine Geschichte von Mischa Latwesen. Neue Besucher auf dem Ozora Festival „Und du bist sicher, wir fallen hier nicht weiter auf unter all diesen Menschen?“, fragte Grolim. Der Zwerg …

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Psychedelic Trance Music history

All you need to know about Psychedelic Trance Music Meet the Goa Book – It’s about the Psychedelic Trance Music movement is an anthology of the international Goa and Psytrance generation. It is the first book that describes the scene …

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StereOn, an obituary

Stereon Obituary

StereOn, an obituary By a tragic accident our scene has sadly lost a much appreciated human being and artist. An obituary for Steffen, a passionate bodypainter. Most of us knew him as StereOn. With his art he has psyched up …

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Roberdo asks: Why so serious?

roberdo asks

Roberdo asks: Why so serious? Some years ago we had a summer review here in mushroom magazine. It was not exactly favourable for the German summer – because the weather was rather crappy. It was rainy, it was cold… You …

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The vegan festival cake with karma

vegan festival

Vegan Festival Cook Martin Svitek aka the “Chief Of Happiness” Aims To Replace Festival Munch Lunch bags, not munch bags! Vegan festival cook Martin Svitek shows why food is karma with a boomerang effect to health Resist The Consumer Trap …

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Second Horizon: Call for Help!

second horizon help

Second Horizon: Call For Help! Woodworms and camping area guides welcome! For the preparation and build-up of the Second Horizon festival, the crew is still looking for some helpful hands. 🙂 Arrr you ready to become a part of the …

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Facebook Scandal: Second Horizon Festival Page deleted!

Vor einigen Tagen hat Facebook die Event-Seite des Festivals grund- und kommentarlos gelöscht. Lasst uns eines klarstellen: Die Event-Piraten wollten das Festival-Schiff entern, doch sie werden nicht untergehen! Ladet jetzt alle Eure Freunde ein und gebt gemeinsam Euren Support für die …

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Dear Internet, Alex Grey has NOT died!

alex gray

The legendary visionary artist Alex Grey, according to a picture making it’s rounds on facebook, has died. It reads: “The web of life, love, suffering and death unites all beings.” and below it says “Alex Grey RIP: 1953-2016. According to …

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Pepper Spray Attack At Berlin Psytrance Party

pepperspray attack berlin psytrance party

A shockingly ruthless attack takes place inside a Berlin club at the Progressive Psytrance party SIGNS, when pepper spray is applied to the club’s air system. While the consequences of a changing Berlin society become eminent, the Psytrance scene bravely …

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Connection Festival Review

From the depths of a forest clearing, classic Goa shakes the soil. The smell of changa lingers in the air. Hidden in the arid, rugged landscape that surrounds Seville lies the goasis that is Connection festival – a dance floor …

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Conspiracy: Controlled Consumers and the Awakening

Conspiracy theories run rampant through this grid, and the variations are endless. This documentary created by crackinfilms depicts the underlying mechanics steering the socio-political currents of the world. Conspiracy: The world is awakening Here’s what the makers say about the …

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