Festival ABC 2014 – Unreleased

UNRELEASED Important factor that determines the hipness of any DJ. The more unreleased tracks, the better. Nope, it doesn’t matter if it sounds just the same as the 17 tracks he or she played before… it’s un-re-leased, dude!

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Festival ABC 2014 – Eco-awareness / Umweltbewusstsein

Eco-awareness …is extremely important for modern festival-goers. Exceptions: Arrival by car, intercontinental flights to festivals, to spiritual trips in India, and to party tours through Thailand, purchase of new Apple products, Go-Pro cameras, drone aircrafts, and other technological gimmicks nobody …

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Festival ABC 2014 – Goa Nazi

Goa Nazi Do you want total party? If so, don’t you buy at Mr. Proper’s shop, he likes Electro! To the Goa Nazi everything that doesn’t glow in UV light, everything that is slower than 145 BPM, and everything that …

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Festival ABC – Healing

Healing Long gone have the days when you went to a festival with the certain knowledge that you would return brain-fucked, dirty and with a silly smile on your hung-over face. Today a festival is not only about party, but …

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Utopia Camping

Utopia Logo

The company offers camping solutions for people attending festivals all over Europe. “During 15 years of festivals I have seen people including myself carrying tons of camping gear. I thought there must be a way to make life easier for …

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One love Ozora

There’s been more than six months since the festival is over, but I still can’t adopt to the usual daily routine and people around me which are  in a constant  rush. They’re  rushing and needlessly stressing about bunch of totally …

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Venus Passage

Looking at the current state of our planet, it is obvious that it needs a fundamental re-programming if we want to keep alive its beauty. In fact, there is a fantastic opportunity right ahead. It is an astronomical event on …

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Party Wisdom

Can drinking too much water be harmful? The answer is: Yes, but only if you drink an absurd amount in a very, very short time! For instance: 2 litres at once. What might occur then is a headache and a …

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Summer 2012


Unaufhörlich Jahr für Jahr kehren Abertausende von Menschen von Partys zurück mit einem riesigen Lächeln, und die meisten werden im nächsten Jahr wieder hinfahren, stark beeinflusst von dem Spirit der Open Air Partys da draussen. Während die Parties von Morgen …

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