Trance Parties Cape Town: South Africa 2016

Trance Parties Cape Town - On Top of the table mountain 2016

Trance Parties Cape Town: Cape Town is often described as the “African capital of Psytrance” with its unique Psy culture – inspired by 1980s Goa movement. Dance on the top of the table mountain The festivals and trance parties in ...

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India: Shiva rules…OM NAMAH SHIVAYA!

India has experienced a kind of resurgence in the Trance Scene over the last few years, with most of the famous artists – Raja Ram/Lucas, Tristan, Ajja, Avalon, Dickster, Laughing Buddha, GMS, Earthling, Astral Projection, Zen Mechanics, Ace Ventura, and ...

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The ancient psytrance culture of Kosovo

The psytrance culture in Kosovo was established from year 2001, where a multi-cultural festival called “Crossing Bridges” was held on the beautiful mountains of Peja. Steffan Ludley and Conni Maly (Lava 303) who played on this festival were among the ...

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Australia: Auditory Thunder in the land Down Under

The perfect backdrop for mind-blowing festivals Much to the delight of thousands of loyal punters who attend events all around the country, Australia’s great outdoors provide the perfect backdrop for mind-blowing festivals set to booming beats encompassing all genres. Since ...

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France: Together We Stand, Divided We Fall

The French Trance scene is living a real transformation and is going stronger than ever. Psytrance can be heard everywhere. The parties are being held outdoors, indoors and as the days get longer and the sun shines to its full ...

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Austria: High Quality & Healthy Parties!

The psytrance scene in Austria is one of the biggest in Europe compared to the size of the country. Its history started before the mid 1990s. Trancers went to events like Garden Eden and Shambala and around the turn of ...

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