Discover LEBANON’s hidden Psychedelic wonderland.

The Psychedelic scene in Lebanon started around the year 2004. With small gatherings of friends in secluded locations. As more people were invited and showed up to the parties, newer, bigger locations needed to be discovered. Before you knew it, small parties were taking place; under the radar of course.

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Producers-a-plenty in DENMARK

Despite being home to less than 6 million people, Denmark has been in the forefront of the psychedelic trance scene since the early days with artists like The Overlords and Koxbox.

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SOUTH AFRICA: Sun, beaches, forests, & Psychedelics

South Africa without a doubt, is one of the biggest, most beautiful & scenic must-see wonderlands regarding Psytrance festivals in the world today. A psychedelic cultural melting pot, with a history & heritage as rich & diverse as the party goers attending its festivals nowadays.

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Psychedelic ROMANIA main events in 2015

Lots of parties, promo parties and festivals were rising this year, most of them around Transylvania (Center and hart of Romania) and the psychedelic scene is getting bigger and bigger every year, stretching its wings in all the country.

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Travel and Trance in the NETHERLANDS!

netherlands trancers guide 2016

The Netherlands is a travel destination where many visitors come for the flowers, windmills, museums, sightseeing, coffee shops, smart shops and its red light districts. This small country offers a lot of variety in entertainment for all ages and this is also true for Psytrance lovers.

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