T.O.U.C.H. Samadhi – Equinox – USA

…pioneering a revolutionary understanding of the nature of consciousness… …activating awareness that transmutes all blocks on our path to enlightenment… …striving to discover who we are beyond our thoughts, emotions, memories, associations, and perceptions… Samadhi is said to be a …

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i am not a long time in the scene, but i think The psyscene is not in best condition, but many parties are organised. While in Paris is mostly indoor parties, organiser in region do a lot of open air …

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Flag United States

PsyTribe has been organizing Psytrance events in L.A. since 1997.  2013 marks our 16th year of consistently bringing international talents to the L.A. scene, 90% of the Psytrance artists who have played in L.A. have played for PsyTribe events. The …

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Flag Turkey

Bridging Asia and Europe, Turkey is one of the countries where Trance culture is influenced by European festivals on the one side and Israel and India on the other side. The Soulclipse Festival in 2006 was probably the kick off …

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Flag Thailand

Koh Phangan is still one of the centres of the world’s Psytrance scene. Even at the famous Fullmoon party on Haad Rin beach you hear Psytrance pumping by the “Dark Psy of the Moon tribe” all night long in front …

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Flag Switzerland

“Psychodelic Univers” is the name of the party. Dude… is this about psychos or what? And why can’t you guys come up with something different than Aliens, Sun or X? However, the venue of this party is a blast. A …

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South Africa

Flag South Africa

Psytrance was first heard in SA in the early 90’s & grown phenomenally, with more than 40 outdoor events during the extended summer from September to May. During winter the action never stops either with 5–10 indoor events ­happening weekly.

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Spain’s psychedelic scene has changed over the years, spiritually and musically. From around 2000 there have been the Cosmictrance and Muskaria crews, based in the Barcelona area, pushing the scene with parties and Trance stores that were also a meeting …

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Flag Serbia

Parties start at: 11pm Most clubs will close at: 6am Average entry for a party: Entry costs from 2 to max. 5 EUR, New Years Eve up to 12 EUR Average price for a beer: 1,50 to 2 EUR Average …

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Flag Russia

Russia is the world’s biggest country in terms of territory and it seems that psychedelic Trance during the last 20 years has slowly spread from St. Petersburg to Novosibirsk and from Murmansk to Kazan where more and more parties are …

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Flag Romania

In Romania we all root for sunshine literally. Of course, we‘re not only chanting for Team SunShine, but primarily and probably most importantly, for getting prep‘d for outdoor parties and festivals. I invite you to see my country and I …

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Flag Portugal

Portugal is one of the Psychedelic Trance countries since 1995, and for sure many of us had their first introduction to the vibrant sounds of Trance at a party somewhere in this country. From North to South, Portugal has always …

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Flag Poland

Lying in the middle of Europe Poland is a country enjoying democracy since 1989. It quickly caught up with other countries and is long a well-developing country. The beginnings of the Psytrance scene can be found in the mid-90s when …

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Ireland is a beautiful country steeped in history and mysticism, this rich tapestry is the perfect backdrop for psychedelic Trance which has flourished in recent years. The relatively small population of 4 million people provides a close knit but welcoming …

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Cambodia, Malaysia, Singapore

Flag Cambodia

If you are travelling through South East Asia make a stopover in the Thailand‘s neighbouring countries! They are all beautiful, but the scene is rather small. It is not as underground or full power any more as it used to …

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Flag Greece

Since 1991–92, Psytrance has always been around. The golden years were those of the Samothraki Dance Festival, from 2001–2003, when over 30.000 people, from 80+ nationalities gathered on Samothraki island and left a mark in the ­global psychedelic community. After …

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