New Zealand

Flag New Zealand

Lush forests, rugged mountains, spectacular glaciers and volcanoes, rolling hillsides, relaxing hot springs, miles of coastline with gorgeous sandy beaches – no wonder New Zealand is becoming so popular as a location for movies, and increasingly for Psytrance parties. Known …

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Flag Nepal

Nepal has been on the backpacker’s list since the early sixties constantly, a place that offers a little bit of everything for everyone. This Himalayan bound mystic nation is a dream destination for all kinds of travellers, boasting a rich …

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Flag Israel

Psychedelic Trance is a big thing in Israel, very big! Sometimes it seems like everybody loves it. From Taxi drivers to soldiers, from 50-year-old ravers to kids too young to have an ID, everyone is listening to the once underground …

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Flag India

The seed of a new wave of Indian Psytrance seems to germinate judging by the events and vibe of this season. Following the superior standards set in previous terms by revolutionary labels like Omveda and Temple Twister Records (each of …

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Flag Italy

It can be stated that the Psytrance scene in Italy owes its origins to Goahead, because this was the first real organising group at national level and it was born in 1995. During a few months Goahead was able to …

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Flag Hungary

It wasn’t until the 1999 Solipse that Hungary really became the focus point of the international psychedelic community thus giving confidence to a whole new generation of promoters, musicians, DJs, and people generally in love with psychedelic culture to be …

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Flag Germany

The North rocks and Progressive is king! There are numerous superbly organised parties and coalitions of organisers, unfortunately also some weekends when you have 7 parallel parties, which is a shame. The whole North boasts countless organisers for Progressive, but …

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Flag France

The most visited country in the world, France, this year also features Europe‘s cultural capital: Marseille. What is the place of Trance in the music industry? Trance is growing like mushrooms. Many Trance organisations have been created over the years …

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Flag Finnland

Sparsely populated, but heavily tranced, Finland is literally, rising – due the post-glacial rebound. Featuring an amazing 190,000 lakes and 180,000 islands Finland‘s events are a truly singular experience. At underground events you can listen to all the different kinds …

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In the last two years a lot has happened in the Danish Trance scene, from having only a few organisers to having more than you could follow up on; from being on the Isra-Fullon wave to following up on the …

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Flag Canada

Trance truly is a global movement and Canada is no exception with pretty much every sub genre well represented from coast to coast. Being such is a large and diverse country with a wide variety of styles performers often have …

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Flag Croatia

Croatia is the place if you are looking for underground. A country with beautiful nature, a magnificent coastline and a rich cultural heritage. Located in Central and Southeastern Europe, this small country is home of friendly people and real Trance …

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Cambodia, Malaysia, Singapore

Flag Cambodia

If you are travelling through South East Asia make a stopover in the Thailand‘s neighbouring countries! They are all beautiful, but the scene is rather small. It is not as underground or full power any more as it used to …

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Flag Brazil

Brazil is a country of continental dimensions where you can expect to find many kinds of psychedelic parties. It offers many possibilities for the party organisers to properly host their events: beaches, waterfalls, lakes and forests. Mother nature is everywhere …

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Flag Belgium

Parties start at: Usually around 11pm to midnight Most clubs will close at: Standard is around 6-7am Average entry for a party: Small 7 EUR, mid-sized 11-15 EUR, big 25 EUR Average price for a beer at a party: 2 …

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Flag Austria

The Psytrance scene in Austria is one of the biggest in Europe compared to the size of the country. Its history started before the mid 1990s. Trancers went to events like Garden Eden and Shambala and around the turn of …

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Psyculture abounds in Australia, with summer festivals and smaller parties (or “doofs”) world-renowned carriers of the Psy vibe, which in recent years reverberates in diverse forms. The culture remains strongest on the east coast, principally Melbourne, S.E QLD and Cairns …

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What’s new in Goa


Goa is the place where it all began. The smallest state of India was a Portuguese colony for 450 years until 1961. Shortly after Goa became India, hippies and spirit-seekers of all kinds were drawn there. By the end of …

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