Dreaming Awakening records: dual-CD release

dreaming awakening records p2

The Ukranian label Dreaming Awakening records are proud to present a combined release of their compilation named Dreaming Awakening part 1 & 2. Very highly selected artists with great, beautiful tracks. Examples are KUBA and ENTHEOGENIC. It is a dual-CD …

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Black Out Records: Compilation

black out records logo

The German psychedelic label Black Out Records starts with his first compilation. “Double Trouble” is a collection with only versus tracks. Don’t mix up with the 80’s punk and hardcore label of very similar name, check links below:

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Orestis: Group Therapy

orestis group-therapy

Orestis strikes again with a full-length album, “Group Therapy”; Awash with the healing touch of the artist, adorned with the wizardry of beloved friends. Brewing for a long time, this is therapy like no other!

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2TO6 Records: Cadavre Exquis

2to6 records

2TO6 Records is proud to present the 3rd long-player created by Karash. The album title „Cadavre Exquis“ is inspired by a game which was invented by the surrealistic movement, by artists of all genres, in the 1930’s in Paris… See …

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Altar Records: new compilation

altar records

Altar records are back with a new beautiful release. They named it Fall and is a compilation from some of the greatest ambient Trance / chill artists around. This compilation has just been released. More upcoming releases in 2016 from …

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Kyoto: Scapes & Spheres

kyoto chillout new album scapes and spheres

Another artist from Microcosmos Records is KYOTO, coming with an immersive emotional-atmospheric, epic album. As the title says… No beats or breaks here, only Scapes And Spheres.

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Microcosmos records: new XODIE album

microcosmos records logo

From Microcosmos records comes not only one, but a few new goodies. First out is XODIE with the album Freedom Here. Jazzy, trip-hoppy beats. Downbeat chill-out fusion in tasty dub-style. Freshly released.

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Kinematic Records: Superconductor debut EP

kinematic records

The Kinematic crew continue to keep it freshest with a debut EP coming from Superconductor, as well as full albums from San and Tac, Logman n Pump ­ and Neurorythmic + FREE collection of older sounds from Terrafractyl.

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Nano Records: swarm of new EP’s

nano records logo

Nano will kick off with an EP from new signing, Magik, including his storming remix of Tristan “Deep Mind.” Also on the way are EP’s from Pogo (half of Master Blasters), Circuit Breakers, Avalon Remixes, James West (other fresh prodical …

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