A study showed : Psilocybin can alleviates depression


In a study psilocybin could alleviate depression, where conventional pharmaceuticals had failed. Though the internationally renowned neuropharmacologist David Nutt of the Beckley Foundation had to bring in the psilocybin from Frankfurt (THC-pharm) at a high cost, for twelve elected pilocybin ...

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Hemp medicine in Germany

hemp medicine in germany

German parliament debates what‘s next in matter of hemp medicine in Germany The German parliament has been debating since July, how exactly the planned amendment regarding hemp medicine shall be implemented in the next year. Themes are the production of ...

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Life Sentence for Grower

Grower go into jail

Two hemp grower go into jail Two growers from Austria shall be prisoned for life as string pullers of a larger group of hemp growers. We are talking about more than 350 kilograms of weed. Growers, who grow large quantities ...

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World Wide Weed – Cannabis Legalisation in USA


Adults can obtain up to 28,4 gram, adults from out-of-states 7,1 gram. Washington allows everyone growing for medicinal purposes, other states generally permit three to six plants. No 50 States of Weed – Yet Up to the 9th November more ...

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Weed News

Weed News

Weed Wins Big on Election Day Weed News: Pot legalization won in California (Prop 64), Maine (Question 1), Massachusetts (Question 4), and Nevada (Question 2), losing only in Arizona (Prop 205), where a deep-pocketed opposition led by a hostile sitting ...

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Top 3 Scientific Theories to freak you out!

scientific theory to freak you out while stoned

You have to be a really inexperienced novice to freak out when you‘re stoned. We all have those friends though, the ones that ask to smoke your bud ignoring your faint warnings that it‘s really strong. Scientific Theory: The top ...

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Berlins first Cannabis Social Club

cannabis social club berlin

They‘re not allowed to grow yet but an administrative obstacle for the installation of a Cannabis Social Clubs (CSC) in the capital has been crossed. First Cannabis Social Club club has been founded in Berlin The first official Cannabis Social ...

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Good news for Cannabis patients in Germany

Cannabis Patients celebrate advance Several cannabis patients book enormous success in German courts. Starting 2017 health insurance will cover cost of cannabis from the drugstore. First German to grow legally! A 52 year old multiple sclerosis patient has been granted ...

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LSD and it effects on the brain

lsd study effects on the brain

By using imaging methods scientists could reconstruct for the first time which areas of the brain are active and connected during a LSD-trip. LSD – How Acid affects the Brain Scientists visualise the activity of LSD A British team of ...

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CBD – Just another lifestyle product or more?

CBD Markus Berger Cannabidiol

Markus Berger answers all our questions about the currently very trendy cannabidiol CBD, the non-psychoactive sister of THC, and his latest book. CBD After discovering the term cannabis as medicine quite often and additionally in the book‘s back that most ...

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How to germinate seeds properly

germinate seeds flower power kiel

Again and again our editorial team receives the following question from growers: Could we germinate seeds in water? We lift the veil of this myth. Germinate seeds properly Some growers put cannabis-seeds into water – but not in order to ...

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