Moonwalk Melon Man


A mixture of laid-back calmness and clear presence of mind characterises the Moonwalk, one of Sensatonics' classic Herbal Kicks.

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Royal Queen Seeds


For the past years, the Royal Queen Seeds company has been an important actor on the constantly expanding cannabis seed market. Thanks to reasonable prices, the high quality of the seeds, active participation in creation and distribution of female seeds …

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Frische Minze, spritzige Limette, süßer Rohrzucker schon die Aufzählung dieser Zutaten weckt tropische Fantasien und lässt das Wasser im Munde zusammenlaufen. Kein Wunder, dass der Mojito weltweit zu den beliebtesten Cocktails zählt! Veredelt mit dem Kräuterelixier Kokmok von Sensatonics entsteht …

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mushroom at the hemp fairs


Psy Trance culture is more than music and decoration. Rather, it consists of a multitude of different aspects, one of which is hemp culture. The therapeutic properties of the hemp plant have been known since ancient times. Thus they are …

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After being a very popular product in Smart Shops for many years, magic mushrooms with hallucinogenic properties became illegal in the Netherlands in December 2008. However, there still are truffles. Also known as sclerotia or philosopher stones, their main active …

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General Hydroponics Europe


Founded in the mid 70’s near San Francisco, General Hydroponics was a joint venture of a group of scientists, researchers and technicians who shared the vision of a new era of plant cultivation. One of their first concepts was the …

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Bad Pills


Reacting to numerous requests, we present you pill reports in this issue. Some years ago, the scientific analysis of party drugs used to be a regular feature in mushroom magazine. We used to present the data form Germany’s party organization …

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Cultiva – Hanfmesse & Event


Mit einem besonders vielseitigen Programm geht die österreichische Cultiva weit über den Rahmen dessen hinaus, was von einer Fachmesse im klassischen Sinne zu erwarten wäre. Natürlich steht in ihrem Mittelpunkt die Präsentation spannender Produktneuheiten rund ums Thema Hanf. In diesem …

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Investigating of Vaporizers


For those trying to give up smoking tobacco, or for those just wanting to learn more about this term that has been floating around in more recent years… We spoke with Vaposhop to find out some answers about what exactly …

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Police Controls


No matter how you look at it, motor vehicles are part of summer festivals just like black light decoration, laser shows & co. Obviously, just about all cars, vans and motor homes have human drivers. These persons again attract the …

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The name alone of this potent spirit has sparked controversy since its creation. Originating in the Canton of Neuchâtel, Switzerland, absinthe rose to popularity as an alcoholic beverage in late 19th- and early 20th-century France, particularly among Parisian artists and …

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Drugstore news


No tourists allowed in Coffee Shops any more? It seems probable that the Dutch government will establish a ‘membership card system’ for coffee shops during the first quarter of 2011. In this way coffee shops will become private clubs, only …

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Hanfmesse Cultiva 2010


Zum dritten Mal fand in Wien vom 29. bis 31. Oktober die größte Hanfmesse Europas statt. Die Location war wie schon letztes Jahr die geniale riesige 42 Meter hohe Glaspyramide von Vösendorf am Stadtrand von Wien, wo vor drei Jahren …

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EU-Verkaufsverbot für Heilpflanzen

ragt und können noch Einfluss nehmen, damit unsere Gesundheit nicht komplett in den Händen der Pharmaindustrie landet. Es ist unglaublich, wie unsere Grundrechte auf die Freiheit der Erhaltung der Gesundheit und die freie Behandlungswahl zur Gesundung und Heilung beschnitten werden …

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It is not only the actual experience of a state of intoxication which is fascinating; also the sober consideration of this phenomenon is very exciting: The history of a substance, modes of action or reports of experiences represent highly interesting …

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Legal Highs


Eine saubere, sichere und legale Alternative: Das möchte er bieten, der neue Onlineshop von Magic Lifestyle. Wozu? Nun, zu indexierten Pflanzendüngern wie UnkrautEx oder der mittlerweile indexierten Räuchermischung Spice. Für die breite Produktpalette werden daher ausschließlich Substanzen verarbeitet, die derzeit …

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The success story of the Swiss hemp water (see last issue of mushroom) continues: On 25th June, Golosa inventor Burkhard Meyer-Börnecke received the European Product Award for the German-speaking countries that was awarded within the scope of the Highlife Cup. …

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