Juxta Phona & Offthesky ‘!Escape Kit!’


Transmitting from an alternate universe where David Lynch is supreme diety the Orb’s Pomme Fritz is the national anthem, and Flanger and Pole are the world’s most venerated heroes, Juxta Phona Offtehsky set forth a treatise of intelligent and challenging …

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Audiomatic ‘Undefined Frequencies’


Spin Twist Records is proud to present one of the biggest, most memorable releases this summer: the brand new album from Benjamin Halfmann, also better known as Audiomatic. The Audiomatic project started in 2001, and since then Benjamin has firmly …

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V.A. ‘Overmind’


For the following last years Veleno staff have been making parties in the central north of Italy, this compilation will give you some ideas about there new previously an spoken and unreleased way and lift your self into an higher …

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M-sphere ‘Floating’


Floating emotional chillout for lazy hours to calm down from busy days. A unique hybrid between psychedelic melodies and meticulously designed sound effects. with pleasant atmospheres and solid Down Beat grooves. (dlh) M-Sphere, aka Markus Kaiser is a primordial component …

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Violet Vision ‘Heaven Underground’


Violet Vision’s music is taken from a wide range of musical influences; From Ambient atmospheres through rough Breaks to Techno grooves, It is this album that made Violet Vision a well-known name in the Israeli music scene and abroad. Violet …

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Vataff Project ‘Kalitz’


An opening to a sureal world is lay before us, if we let ourselves be taken away by the individual and timeless music of the Bulgarian Vataff Project. A tone, almost timeless in its vibrations, building in electronic momentum with …

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Single Cell Orchestra ‘Celldom V.2: Arc’


His releases for Astralwerks, Asphodel, and Spacetime Continuum’s own Reflective have put him on a very small list of highly acclaimed American electronic music pioneers. ‘Fierro uses sweeping strings and catchy melodies which are strongly supported by his dense hypnotic …

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V.A. ‘Goa Moon Vol 1’


Ovnimoon and Doctor Spook compile up a top shelf release for dancers, DJs, and collectors alike. Two amazing CDs full of color and life. Memorable samples, heartfelt melodic hooks, full power raging bass lines, original compositions and fresh new musicians …

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Phase Phour ‘Fun from far away’


Phase Phour, Fun From Far Away is a progressive psychedelic masterpiece for the ears, mind and body. From begining to end you are taken on a journey both deep and groovy as well as up-lifting and meloding yet never cheesy. …

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VA – Thank You For Flying Utopia


While working on the ambitious new Utopia Records Trance compilation ‘Thank YOU FOR Flying Utopia’. Stereomatic (A.K.A. Eliran Maimone) had been collecting tracks from some of the very best worldwide names in Trance and the results are in front of …

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V.A. – Hidden Sound Forms


Secret Tale records is a new label born in 2007 and it’s based in the deepest night paths of a beautiful European country named Macedonia. The name of the label is inspired from the music style that this label releases …

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V.A. „Cabaret“


Perfectly for the coming summer outdoor season, we bring you the new’ target=’_blank’>write your own ‘CD-Review’ !Schreibe deinen eigenen ‘CD-Review’ !

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V.A. ‘Bay Area Dubstep Volume 01’


Bay Area Dubstep volume 01 contains 14 unmixed, DJ friendly tracks by San Francisco bay area dubstep and grime artists. From the deep ethnic stylings of Djunya, JuJu and D Program, to the twisted tech-dub of Eskmo and The Antiserum. …

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V.A. ‘The Riddle Of Isla De Pascua’


Easter Island, an island at the end of the world. Probably the least visited place on the face of the earth, a place with a great riddle. ‘The Riddle of Isla de Pascua’ tells the story of this remote location …

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Evan Marc + Steve Hillage ‘Dreamtime Submersible’


Evan Marc, better known as Bluetech and System 7’s Steve Hillage send me this nice release. Groovy, electronic lounge sounds which you could use for dreaming or slightly dancing. Wonderfully arranged sound scapes in which one can relax perfectly. Candlelight dinner for …

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Chris Zippel „Genuine Horizon“


Chris Zippel is a prominent new entrant on Elektrolux. For more than 15 years, he has been working as producer and remixer for Pop and Dance stars such as Pet Shop Boys, Robbie Williams, Snap, Schiller, Baby D., Marmion or …

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Nitro „Rainforest Culture“


Dooflex invites you to join Nitro expedition in the magnificent, the enchanting ‘Rainforest culture’. Nitro is the solo project of Gil Dagan, 26 years of age, residing in Israel. Nitro has begun producing electronic based dance floor music in 2003, …

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V.A. „Afula On II“


The Sesto Sento guys are back, presenting the second chapter in the successful Afula On compilation series. Sesto Sento without doubt is considered as one the leading Trance acts in the world. Afula is the base city of Sesto Sento …

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V.A. ‘Geysertronica Vol. 1’


Geysertronica is the new experimental ambient electronica series compiled by Riad Michael aka Geyser. The digital various artists compilation release ‘Geysertronica Vol. 1’ on Geyser Recordings mirrors today’s diversity and abundance of the genre and unites twelve carefully selected works …

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