Has Lisa Simpson predicted 911 ???

Past, present and future – the three constants that control, shape what is referred to as the ‘self’, the ‘I”, the “me.” The most enigmatic of the three is of course the future for it is unknowable.

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The Earth is Flat

the earth is flat

There are kooky theories, and then there are theories­­ that appear to have been conjured up by someone wearing crazy-pants...

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TORAIZ SP-16 – DJ Sampler by Pioneer DJ


The TORAIZ SP-16 is basically a fusion between a sampler and a step sequencer that features analogue filters and a high resolution 7” touchscreen as well as sync functions to integrate CDJs via Pro DJ Link. It was developed in …

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Moon: Spaceship or natural satellite?

Moon: Spaceship

We’re told it’s a natural satellite, and we’ve ­accepted that data without any further thought, after all what else could the moon be? Moon: Spaceship or natural satellite? Science teaches that the moon was formed when a gigantic object crashed …

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Soundcloud R.I.P.?


Soundcloud, the worlds most popular indie streaming service, is to become a paid service by the end of the year. It seems the Soundcloud days are counted. Major Labels forcing Soundcloud to change As of now, everything on Soundcloud is …

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Aliens on Mars photoshopped!

Aliens on mars photoshopped

NASA seems to be too lazy to build own bases on Mars and prefers to secretly confiscate native underground cities on Mars! Aliens on Mars photoshopped! Alien experts have begun to hurl accusations at NASA regarding hidden extra-terrestrial bases on …

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Sound Fire Extinguisher: Fight fire with bass!

Sound Fire Extinguisher

Fight Fire with Bass! Sound Fire Extinguisher The conventional fire extinguisher could soon be on its way out replaced by eco-friendly sound waves emitted by the Sound Fire Extinguisher. Designed by a couple of engineering students, this device utilizes low-frequency …

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Music Apps & Web: Overview early 2016

music apps & web early 2016

Music Apps and Websites: This time we have a music mixer for android, a smart little helper for all festival-related questions on iOS, and a witty website that helps you reducing costs for overnights in hotels/inns when travelling alone. Music …

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Roland Boutique – Akai – MiK: Producer’s Update

roland boutique

Roland is reissuing three of their classic ‘80s polysynths: the Jupiter-8, Juno-106, & Jx-3P as four-voice table-top modules. Roland Boutique These modules with 44.1kHz/24-bit audio work through either MIDI, or USD. The modules integrate two ribbons for pitch bend, and …

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Hamburg: 100 Dancing Drones Set World Record

We all think drones are a nuisance, but these people have found an very innovative manner through which a drone actual becomes pleasurable.  The team from Intel created a magical and elaborate airborne music and light experience created by a fleet …

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Audio Production: Fresh Gear to Look into

Audio Production Gear, Hot off the Press Audio Production is on the rise, and the following pieces will surely help you get your A-game on! Audio Production: Roland JUNO-DS ­Synthesizer The lightweight and super-mobile synthesizer is a powerful addition to …

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