What would the World look like without Boundaries?

The following set of photographs were taken by Valerio Vincenzo, and are part of his project “Borderline, the Frontiers of Peace,” which is essentially a representation of how the world would be without man-made boundaries called “borders”. This is what he …

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Egorythmia: Classic Article 2012

Irregular pulses are morphing into a melodic harmonic story, each time a different one, each time a different plot, but every time – Egorythmia, aka Boban Lazovski. Egorythmia’s path has never gone in a specific pattern… His attraction to Psychedelic …

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TORAIZ SP-16 – DJ Sampler by Pioneer DJ


The TORAIZ SP-16 is basically a fusion between a sampler and a step sequencer that features analogue filters and a high resolution 7” touchscreen as well as sync functions to integrate CDJs via Pro DJ Link. It was developed in …

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Written by Vir Rattan Chowdhry It is always said one cannot escape change and it is one of the truest statements ever made. To continue in existence, one must keep evolving states Charles Darwin. Evolution is adaptation at the end …

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Written by Vir Rattan Chowdhry Goa has seen it all. Freed from Portuguese rule in 1961, a village of bare minimums is what remained. A virgin paradise with lush green palm trees, open fields, serene beaches, quaint structures and a …

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Astral Projecting: How-to

Astral projecting

The mind and the body seemingly operate as though­ part of a cohesive whole…or so we think, but once astral projecting is mastered, this perception dissolves. Astral Projecting: An Out-of-Body-Experience (OBE) The physical world we experience through our five senses …

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Moon: Spaceship or natural satellite?

Moon: Spaceship

We’re told it’s a natural satellite, and we’ve ­accepted that data without any further thought, after all what else could the moon be? Moon: Spaceship or natural satellite? Science teaches that the moon was formed when a gigantic object crashed …

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Soundcloud R.I.P.?


Soundcloud, the worlds most popular indie streaming service, is to become a paid service by the end of the year. It seems the Soundcloud days are counted. Major Labels forcing Soundcloud to change As of now, everything on Soundcloud is …

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SOLTEK REBORN #4 – The Cosmic Honk

Soltek #4 Cosmic Honk

The nassimic tachyon fluctuation pulsated like a luminescent LED torso in the golden glow, filled up to the threshold bit memory spot slots. The Cosmic Honk The nassimic tachyon fluctuation pulsated like a luminescent LED torso in the golden glow, …

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New Healing Festival 2016: Preview

new healing festival 2016 circus

During one week a “lakeside camp for the psychedelic family” evolves into a buzzing Trance festival – on one of the best open air locations of the scene. New Healing Festival 2016: What to expect The feedback during the last …

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Aliens on Mars photoshopped!

Aliens on mars photoshopped

NASA seems to be too lazy to build own bases on Mars and prefers to secretly confiscate native underground cities on Mars! Aliens on Mars photoshopped! Alien experts have begun to hurl accusations at NASA regarding hidden extra-terrestrial bases on …

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NOK: Psytrance Innovation (classic article from 2011)

NOK is Alexander Dorkian (aka Galactika) a psytrance artist from Hamburg Germany. In uniting massive thrust with dreamy easiness, NOK is introducing a New Order… … in terms of up-to-date Progressive Trance. This is the original  mushroom magazine article about Nok …

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