Chill Out News

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Beats & Pieces have lined up a series of releases for the coming months, starting this month with the third album of leading Russian project Chronos called ‘Inspirational Power’ that also includes a remix to Asura. The album is very diverse and offers a true musical experience using strong atmospheres, hypnotic structures, and incorporating electronics and acoustics. Following you can expect a digital EP from Outersect and then albums by Aligning Minds, Lauge & Baba Gnohm & (val)Liam.

Eitan Reiter has just followed the release of his successful debut album with Aleph Zero, ‘Places I Miss That I Haven’t Been To’, with a digital remixes EP to the track Smile from the album. The ‘Smile EP’ just released with Aleph Zero offers remixes in different genres from leading artists J.Viewz, Bluetech, Perfect Stranger & Peter Horrevorts, each taking the original to his own personal realm, and a bonus track by Eitan not available on the album.

Ott’s new album, ‘Mir’ will be released on March 8th. In a spirit of experimentation Ott decided to make it a self release without a label. In his own words the album ‘has some drums and some bass and some music and things that go ‘whoosh’ and ‘clang’ and the process of making it has been very enjoyable.’ ‘I’ve been influenced by my travels around the world and by the wonderful feeling of being rooted in an ancient village in a magical place’, he says. There’s also a long US tour coming to be followed by a summer of festival gigs in Europe & The US.

Altar Records offer a busy schedule for the coming couple of months starting with a new album from C.J. Catalizer ‘I’ll be There’ that promises Catalizer’s percussion driven deep groovy bass-lines intertwined with beautiful panoramic soundscapes and carefully layered with studio and live-recorded vocals. Altar will follow with two album releases in March by E-Mantra & Cabeiri and another release in April, an album from Maiia a welcomed feminine addition to chill space.

Greek based label Cosmic Leaf will have their first 2011 release coming in the beginning of April, Side Liner’s 7th album- ‘Dream Stealers’. The slow start will be compensated by a barrage of albums from Cydelix, new debut artist Eguana, a second album from Zen Garden and from Valdi Sabev, Zero Cult, D.Batistatos and Dedast (aka Will-O‘-The-Wisp).

Following last year‘s extravagant schedule to celebrate 15 years of Dubmission with 15 releases, the psychedelic dub label is taking it easy this year with just a few releases, and mainly on the remixes front. You can expect an International Observer remixes album; a Pitch Black rarities and remixes album, a digital Warp Technique remixed EP and a digital compilation of new tracks by »new« artists.

The new project of Bluetch & Killowatts, Invisible Allies, is following their debut album ‘Hyperdimensional Animals’ with a long US two months tour. ‘Hyperdimentional Animals’ contains five original tracks, and five remixes from Mr. Projectile, The Great Mundane, Erothyme, Bil Bless & Aligning Minds, and explores futuristic spacefunk, textural ambient, odd time signatures, complex harmonic developments, detailed digitalia and a sublime sense of the exotic. It gives a first delicious look into what promises to be an exciting and evolving conversation between two singular and eccentric producers.

Kukan Dub Lagan, downtempo dub project of Itay Berger, will be releasing a remix album containing remixes to his »Life is Nice« debut album, done for a change by the artist himself. The album will be called »Life Still Nice«, and promises great rhythms, curious melodies and a dreamy atmosphere. The album will be released this month digitally and the first 200 purchasers will be sent a free copy of Kukan’s third album, New Life New Vision! It will later be released to all other digital shops.