Psycrowdelica Tribe mit Doppel-CD zu Ehren des verstorbenen Gründers des Festivals Cannibal Crow a.k.a. Krehe +++ Sangoma Records mit Dsompas 1.EP ‚Shinan‘, eine multidimensionale, LSD artige Klanglandschaft mit einer guten Groovedosis +++ Mario alias Kokobloko mit ‚Futureproof‘ auf Future Tribe Office +++ ‚Crash Test‘, eine Kompilation von Insomnian: trippy, deep, euch wegblasender Psychedelic für die Nacht +++ Maniac Psycho Pro mit ‚Noise Technology‘, Btoxik and friends +++ ‘VA Harmonik Hooligans III’ (Zulu Tunes), ein free Release aus Südafrika +++ Dark Prisma Records mit ‚Intergalaktik Magik‘ von Sonic Scizzor sowie dem 2. Album von Frantic Noise +++ Goa Gil durchbricht mit ‚Music Baba‘ die Soundmauer, einfach unvergleichlich.

Goa-GilGoa Gil’s new album, Music Baba, follow up to Shri Maharaj mix, is breaking the sound barrier. This disturbingly brilliant album features some of his favourite artists of today. He is one of the center columns of Goa trance. With this new and exciting album he takes us on a journey to the unpredictable…Music Baba is an album you just can’t compare to anything else you have heard before!

The Psycrowdelica Tribe is back with a double CD release in memory of Krehe a.k.a. Cannibal Crow, founder of this legendary festival. This project contains tracks donated by various artists who played at Psycrowdelica.

Sangoma Records announces the EP Shinan from Dsompa. Expect a lysergic multi dimensional driven landscape, with a good dose of groove.

Mario alias Kokobloko from Greece is back with his killer album Futureproof on Future Tribe Office: different atmospheres of psychedelic sound in every track.

Crash Test is a long time awaited, brand new compilation by Insomnian: modern, powerful and intense dancefloor energy and at the same time trippy, deep, mindblowing psychedelic story for the night time.

Maniac Psycho Pro are proud to present to you Btoxik and friends – Noise Technology – an album full of different vibes and colors. Being influenced by the musical scene in Guadalajara, Mexicali and Tijuana, his style has evolved into something very much his own, though still keeping a slight inclination towards dark and hi tech.

VA Harmonik Hooligans III on Zulu Tunes is out, a free release from South Africa. It’s an almighty frequency based machine that regulates the reality you just cart wheeled out of.

Dark Prisma Records is watching you – looking forward to Intergalaktik Magik Album from Sonic Scizzor and 2nd album from Frantic Noise. Psychedelic Brain Storming at its best.

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