Deeper in Zen: Silence

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After almost two years in the studio – Deeper in Zen has emerged – tour de force! Soular Records is proud to announce his fourth release…’Silence’.

As can be expected from Deeper in Zen, Silence is a psychedelic masterpiece: Rich in pounding rhythms, overflowing with spacious layers of delicate harmonics, and fresh with thundering bass lines that lift the dancer into ecstatic realms of passionate expression

The journey of Silence is explosive from beginning to end!
Fly through lavish, futuristic worldsvisit the shamanic, imbued forests of time and space, and enter the trance-formative healing powers of intelligent, geometric sound structures This one will be skyrocketing dancefloors the world over!

Anything but silent, Deeper In Zen’s new album is vibrating with knowledge, passion and truth – while delivering fresh, funky, grooving, hard hitting trance beats. Lose yourself in a blissed-out, full-power, over-the-top psychedelic, trance-dancing frenzy – while receiving messages of personal and planetary upliftment:

‘Is there not only one moment, ever? Is life ever not this moment? This one momentNow’ (Track 2)

‘Feeling the oneness of yourself with all things, is LoveIt is the essence of all galaxies and blades of
grass’ (Track 7: Dark Electric)

Let the Silence be broken!

Track Listing:
1. First Breath
2. Revealing Luminescence
3. It is Now
4. Inner Illuminations
5. Integral Mind
6. Wicked Purity
7. Dark Electric
8. Elemental

Artwork by Justin Boone

Deeper In Zen:
As a music producer and visual artist, Deeper in Zen, also known as James Skylar, is always seeking novel ways to engage the psychedelic experience. A true veteran of psytrance, James has electrified dancefloors worldwide over the last seven years, from Turkey, Morocco and Russia, to Japan, Budapest and the desert of Black Rock City. His intention is to channel intelligent infinity through aural and visual psychedelic exploration.

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Soular Records:
Soular Records was founded in New York City in the year 2000, by James Skylar (Deeper in Zen) and producers Kent Friedman (Mind Warped) and Dean Zigoris (Onnomon) Currently based in San Francisco, CA, Soular Records has a strong dedication to exploring and expanding the evolution of psychedelic sound. From the newest psychedelic trance, to chill out and downtempo, Soular remains one of the strongest labels in the US.

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