DJ LiquiD-ILLuSioN - Charts July 2018

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Borche Stefkovski better known like DJ LiquiD-ILLuSIoN…is psychedelic freak, DJ,party organizer and Label owner of Cosmodelica records…in his sets he plays various styles of trance but is recognized with his  storytelling psy-morning sets full with a lot of melodies and goa influences…the rest you can hear and feel on the dance floor…

After the summer festival season he will finish his 2nd V.A  for his native label. You can catch him this summer on next festivals and parties 

19-24 July – S.U.N Festival – Hungary

26-29 July – Way of life festival – Serbia

04-06 August – Do-Zora Festival Macedonia

08  September – TBA – Macedonia

15 September – Cosmodelica and friends – Macedonia


IMAGINARY SIGHT & LUCID MANTRA - Blissful Awareness (V.A. Circle Movements - Forestdelic Records)

VIRTUAL LIGHT & LUCID MANTRA - Gobbledygook ( V.A. Creationz Vol III ..PsynOpticz Records)

HUX FLUX - Somnambulant (BRAINCELL RMX) ( Unreleased )

LUCID MANTRA & HASHASHIN - Goat Trance (Unreleased )

HUX FLUX & TRITON = Look who's talking ( Unreleased )

ATONED SPLENDOR - Reality Ripper vs. the Grain Stripper (BRAINCELL Rmx) (V.A - Portal To Sirius - GOA REC)

SAMADHI - 3JAM (V.A. Circle Movements - Forestdelic Records)

IMAGINARY SIGHT & LUCID MANTRA - AGNI Kumana ( V.A - Kenshō - Samaa and Sangoma Records )

LOGIC BOMB - Marauder (PRAGMATIX rmx) (Unreleased )

AJJA & ARKON(Kox Box and Hujaboy) - Maze of Mirrors ( Single - Zero One Records )

5 days ago

DJ Liquid-illusion - Cosmodelica Records

Flashback !!!VA Psylight Explosion -Northern Psylight Records 2006 ... See MoreSee Less

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3 months ago

DJ Liquid-illusion - Cosmodelica Records

My closing dj set from Do Zora „До Зора“ Delcevo 2018 is on youtube...listen,share and also you can download for free on my soundcloud page !!!! Trance trance trance...No copyright infringment intended, promotional use only!! Music is not mine.. © All rights reserved at the owners and their respective labels. For any issues... ... See MoreSee Less

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