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Omsun was born in Kiev/Ukraine in 1982. He heard trance music first at the age of ten. First happened to visit psy-trance party when reaching the age of twelve. It was 1995 – the year of birth of psy-trance culture in Ukraine. The culture almost absorbed him and greatly changed his life.

From the year of 2000 starts his DJ and organizer career. He is a founder of one of the oldest promo-systems of Ukraine called Moon Koradji. 

In august 2007 was made first steps to compile and release first CD. That days was created Moon Koradji Records.


Time For Slime - Huvudverk (Uttu rmx) (unr)

Kanka - The Other Self (Moon Koradji Rec.)

Derango - Oscilla (Purosurpo rmx) (Sanaton Rec.)

Already Maged - Gardens of Avante (Medulla Oblogata & Banyan)

Hallucinogenic Horses - Final Frontier (Yggdrasil Rec.)

NoizeBug & Trold - Synchronized FLEIN (unr)

Distorted Goblin - Forest Wanderer (Moon Koradji Rec.)

Mikha - Dangerous Magic (Mighty Quinn Rec.)

Olien - Cosmic Initiation (unr)

Shiibashunsuke - Critical Mystique (The Cure Rec.)

3 months ago

Dj Omsun - Moon Koradji Records

Hello friends. We are planing to make limited edition of Moon Koradji Records T-shirts in a close future. Print with glowing effect.

If you are interested, write in the comments some notes about preferred t-shirt's color (if U don't want black) and size and we will consider your voice.

Thank you for support!

p.s. expected price 25 euro with worldwide shipping included.
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