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Omsun was born in Kiev/Ukraine in 1982. He heard trance music first at the age of ten. First happened to visit psy-trance party when reaching the age of twelve. It was 1995 – the year of birth of psy-trance culture in Ukraine. The culture almost absorbed him and greatly changed his life.

From the year of 2000 starts his DJ and organizer career. He is a founder of one of the oldest promo-systems of Ukraine called Moon Koradji. 

In august 2007 was made first steps to compile and release first CD. That days was created Moon Koradji Records.


Already Maged - Pillgrimage (soon on Moon Koradji Rec.)

Atriohm - Lunaria (Digital Shive Power Rec.)

Saikozaurus - Flower of Life (soon on Moon Koradji Rec.)

Metaphyz - Zoanthrope Instinct (Digital Shive Power Rec.)

Kuro Fusion - Sono (Real Vision Rec.)

Farebi Jalebi - Gins (rmx) (Parvati Rec.)

Inzect - Trapp (soon on Moon Koradji Rec.)

Jangaramongara - Crystal Dungeon (Digital Shive Power Rec.)

Tengri - In the Mist (Parvati Rec.)

Traskel - Ancient Roller (unr)

2 months ago

Dj Omsun - Moon Koradji Records

dj Omsun @ Kaleidoscopie'18 ... See MoreSee Less

4 months ago

Dj Omsun - Moon Koradji Records

Black Moon Koradji t-shirts available now! M, L, XL, XXL for male and S, M for female.
p.s. also M and L in a brown color for male 🙂
p.p.s and male XL and female M in a dark blue color 🙂Hello friends. We are proudly presents for your attention our first label t-shirt. More than 10 years left from our 1st release and at last we have our first merch 🙂
Black male and female t-shirts with white print, which glows in a dark.

Limited edition.

Price 25euro with worldwide shipment included.
Prefered payment way is thru Paypal or Moneygram.

Please send us a direct message here to get all instructions about how to get t-shirt.
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4 months ago

Dj Omsun - Moon Koradji Records

An hour video teaser from my dj set @ Kaleidoscopie'18
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