DJ Psychoteek - Charts March 2019

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DJ Psychoteek started mixing drum´n´bass in 2009, but through his friend Kryzka he soon discovered psytrance and haven´t stopped experimenting with it ever since.

In 2012 Psychoteek moved to Brno, Czech Republic and in 2014 he organized his first party. Very quickly after that he joined Shivacrew and started playing around Brno. Also he started cooperating with Ivan Jašek (I-One) and they made a lot of small chill-out parties together and also two editions of Global Chill-out festival.

In 2017 Psychoteek established Shivadeco crew with some new people who started to help with psytrance parties and started doing regular club events in Artbar Druhý pád. He also plays at club events and major psytrance festivals around Czech Republic and with his crew he decorated parties in Czech Republic and Slovakia.

Psychoteek enjoys playing at almost any time of the day or nightrogressive, zenonesque, night full-on, forest, morning – psybass, chillout, psychill, psydub – these are all his favourite genres. In his sets he likes to move through the genres to create a branching psychedelic story.


Tetrameth - Mother Tongue

Arjuna, Samadhi - Stoned Lions

Transdriver - Random Groove

Once Upon a Time - Fiction Games

Kala - Secret Perception