DJ Rikam - Charts March 2019

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Rikam is a pioneer of the psychedelic trance scene in Canada for almost 25 years. He started organizing Goa-trance events in Québec (Canada) in 1994 and quickly brought notoriety to the local scene with events like “Tranceworld” in Trois-Rivières ( 1995) with legendary Goa Gil, and the 3D event in Montreal (1997) in collaboration with DJ Nivoc, bringing together renowned artists from the time, like Tsuyoshi Suzuki and Sid Shanti. In 2003, he started the Eclipse Festival with TechSafari Productions and in 2005 he became a rep for renowned label Neurobiotic Records, joining artists like Edoardo, Zen Mechanics, Earthling, and Joti Sidhu. In 2013, he took a major step forward and created his own label: TechSafari Records. The label quickly released excellent tracks and albums by artists from all over the world.
DJ Rikam has a soul that moves people to action. He has played at numerous events and festivals in Brazil, Japan, France, Mexico, Panama, Morocco, Thailand, India (Goa), Nepal, the United States, and across Canada. His excellent “Seeds of Imagination” compilation was recently released on TechSafari Records and provides good examples of the energetic style – both “progressive” and “full on” – he enjoys sharing with the dance floor.


Animato & Ticon - Polygon (Unreleased)

Inner State & Ilai - Neurological Process (TechSafari Records)

Symbolic - Behind Our Dreams (Unreleased)

Audiotec & Antinomy - Hallucinations (Iboga rds)

La P'tite Fumée -Laniakea (Kalki Remix) Unreleased

Symbolic - One Of Those Ways (Blue Tunes rds)

Kanobi - Voidwalker (TechSafari records)

Solarix -The Lighters (TechSafari Records)

Inner State - Digital Reality (Digital OM)

Ace Ventura & Animato -Moments of Ecstasy (Iboga rds)