Dj Sake - Charts July 2018

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Iam  Dj Sake a 40 years old guy from Berlin. I play Psytrance music since 1998 in local clubs, parties and festivals. My style is uplifting, psychedelic Trance with great atmosphere and many 303 sounds. I started playing tech house too, a few years ago. In my sets I try to show colorful styles, with a lot of energy and my mixes are quite well. I was a member of the Chromanova internet radio station, later i joined Y.S.E. Records by Dj Bim. Together with Dj Chris A Nova i compiled many compilations for example the Goa Beach 22 which were published world wide. In 2010 me and Chris A Nova founded the Electric Playground, which is a Psychedelic Trance event, presented as club night in different venues. In 2018 i started with Dj Otacon, Dion and Chris A Nova the new version of legendary „Bootswahna“ psytrance party on a nice boat on river Spree.

I have two side projects both with Chris A Nova, Psykaholiks for powerful psytrance sets (since 2001) and Chris & Sake for tech house and old school techno.



1. Relativ - Ghost in the shell

2. Side Form - Age of Revolution

3. Imaginarium - 100 Billion Neurons (Hypnoise Rmx)

4. Middle Mode - Spirale

5. NoFace -Fractal Portal

6. Space Tribe, Stryker - Klunk Klik

7. Mad Max, Mekkanikka - Chemical Reaction

8. Outsiders - Lucid Dreams

9. Sonic Species - The First and the Last (Groove Addict Rmx)

10. Electric Universe - Bansuri

10 months ago

DJ Sake

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