Djane Caemix - Charts May 2018

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Born into a musical family, I discovered my passion for music in my early years. In 1995 I decided to start an apprenticeship as a sales person in a record/disc shop. During this time I acquired a very profound and wide knowledge of music which provides an excellent basis for becoming a future Djane.
I finished my apprenticeship successfully in 1998. At this time, my interest for Goa was developing and I had been to several parties.
In 2003 I made my first experiences in being a Djane and have been very committed to it ever since. In the beginning I mainly played Psychadelic Goa Trance.
Nowadays, I prefer Progressive Psytrance.

In the meantime I have stage acts with known famous artists.
I’ve been working on producing my own sound since 2007 in order to perform and distinguish myself as a live act in the scene.
2010 was my newcomer Year as a Live Act called Shinouda
I play on different big Festivals and in many Clubs in Switzerland, Hamburg and Munich, Berlin, Amsterdam,Argentina.
Summer never End Festival/ Engadin Spirit Festival/ One Love Festival / Burning Mountain Festival /Nirvana Festival in Argentina / Solstice Festival Ruigoord Amsterdam / Spiritual Healing in Germany /Evighethen Festival in Sweden.
Obviously, music plays one of the most important roles in my life. I enjoy making people move to my music, bringing them joy and satisfaction and especially making them dance.
A very special and heartfelt THANK YOU to all the people who support me and my passion so that I can live my dream


Ticon & Phanatic - Indigo

Paul Oakenfold - Full Moon Party (Liquid Soul & Zyce Remix)

Shadow Chronicles - G.AI.A

Zyce - Spirits (Inner Sphere Remix)

Shinouda - After the Rain (Unreleased)

Audiotec - Shades

BPM - Ignition Sequence

Shinouda - I say Wow (Unreleased)

Lifeforms, Symbolic - We Are Awakening

Multiphase - Haze of Our Lives

3 weeks ago


06.10.2018 Caemix @ Culture Move @ Kulti Wetzikon
13.10.2018 Caemix @ Sun Dance Zamba Loca
20.10.2018 Caemix @ Flying Mystic @ Gaskessel Bern
27.10.2018 Caemix @ UBV Halloween SCHWEDEN
09.11.2018 Shinouda @ Moonpony Ladies Special @ Flösser Aarau
29.12. - 03.01 Shinouda @ The Experience Festival Koh Tao
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3 weeks ago


6.10.18 Culture Move @ Kulti Wetzikon
See you on the Dancefloor
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6.10.18 Culture Move @ Kulti Wetzikon
See you on the Dancefloor
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