Earthcore 2014: Ancient Future Past

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We don’t follow rules, trends or demands. We have over 20 years of experience and have built a platform to deliver events that don’t meet the needs of the punters, we blow them out of the water and provide something beyond their comprehension.”


Last year was monumental. This year will be even more mind-blowing. The Earthcore crew is bursting with energy – all signs point to an international festival highlight brewing in Down Under.

What are the most exciting novelties for this edition?

This year we’re once again turning any ideas or preconceptions that people may have on their head. We are taking the design and performance to places not ever seen at an Aussie festival. Stage construction is going on in hidden bunkers around town, performers are perfecting their shows and the site is being totally reimagined to maximise the party potential. Kinky Karnival is back with a vengeance, Melbourne Underground Film Festival are involved and the list goes on…

Please tell me about artists you are looking forward to as one of the promoters!

It’s hard to go past the headliners Hallucinogen. They’re an act that has been around for years, who have been the heroes and inspiration for so many artists after them. Adding Simon Posford to the bill was no mean feat but having him smash the sunrise set as Hallucinogen will be next level. Joining Raja Ram for a Shpongle sunset spot will also be an unmissable spectacle. John 00 Fleming will be back in the Aussie bush for the first time in years, Boris Brejcha tore apart the main stage last year and is psyched for another shot, prog dogs Zen Mechanics and Ace Ventura are teaming up under their Zentura guise plus there are favourites like Liquid Soul, Ticon, D-Nox & Beckers. Musically the punters will be in heaven.

Obviously that also includes newcomers…

Yes! After receiving hundreds of entries and thousands upon thousands of listens via our Soundcloud, the main stage DJ and Live Act comps have been wrapped up and the winners announced. We have recruited some of the best young party crews in town to bring some of their artists to showcase of a wide variety of styles and sounds. The buzz is electric.

Any specials beyond the dance floors?

At last year’s event we had a group called Blow Me First come out and give free breath tests for punters on the way out of the festival ensuring our punters were ok to drive. Each year we also look at ways to ensure sustainability of the bushland we hold our events and take pride in a leave no trace philosophy. We have themed camps and a huge focus on the visual element of our event. The market and food will be amazing. A world class festival experience.

The Line-Up:

1200 micrograms . ace ventura . ann clue . astrix . asura . audiophonic . audiotec behind blue eyes . bliss . boris brejcha . chicago . da vinci code . day din dnox E beckers . exosomatika . fishimself . format: b . gaudi . gms . gus till hallucinogen . hux flux . john oo fleming . klopfgeister liquid soul . lucas nick sentience . raja ram . ritmo shpongle . ticon . tripswitch . vibe tribe victor ruiz . zen mechanics . zentura acm . aaron smiles . adrian bell . aminos kh . arcane trickster . azrin . backroom reality . ben evens . ben mac biting eye . binarual . black knight satellite . blind injustice bornvibe . brad daniels . brian fantana budha lilino butters . cam milesi cheap thrills . chris roberts . circuit bent . . dipping . code luke . d-reketional . daisycutter . dban . dean benson deviant . digital sun . doakes . dom dolla . dominic hogan . dr fil . dtmx . dysphemic & miss eliza . eddie stephens ethan taylor . ex quest . (atphilter ferns flip3k . galambo . glacial . grommet . handsdown herc kass . hutch & Katz Jacob nolan . jake mcdonald . jiay mills john doe Johnny canik jpa jules plees katie drover . kids table krusty leigh gray . less is moar . ‘Like montgomenj . lucca tan . mecca mac . maddie robin . marco polo . matt dwellers matt kovic mattiecee metwally . mickey nox . mike buhl mislichief miss behaviour . miss flare miss renee divatronic missfit . mitch bain . mitch luby . monkee . mr bill . muska nathan bulner . neocortex . nick kennedy . nick litsis . nickelodeon numatica . oskar long . pakman paradime pete laskis . peter fotop pspiralife raptor . red can redline . reece hart rimmy . rob lewis . robert anthony robodop snei . robyn gold . ryan haynes . ryanosaurus . safari sammy la marca scott alien . short straw . simon murphy . simon slieker . sly faux . solarflex . soundwave . steve ward . sunsaria sunshine . suntribe . taco . tarn . tom hornsby . tomb boss . trent me dermott . triforce . vedran . volta zac depetro . zac waters