Echoes Records

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Any Sublabels to mention here?
EchoPlast Recordings

When was your label founded?
Echoes founded in the beginning of the year 2006 and EchoPlast Recordings in the beginning of the year 2007

How would you define the style of your label and the music you are releasing?
Uplifting Progressive and Electro House

Who is/are your main distribution?
BOA Distribution

Label concept and -philosophy?
The main concept is raising awareness to the most innovative and cutting edge sounds in the available progressive scene. Echoes approach to artists is that they don’t work for a label, but with the label, as partnership. This follows an understanding that in order to grow, artists need true faith and support – be it technical promotional, or moral. The intention is to achieve all this by talking less and doing more.

Number of releases so far?
So far one
V/A – Think Different

Your artist pool?
Morax, La Baaz, Nasser, Luna Spice, Osho, Kara Maehl, Kaleidoscope, Knorr & Schnoor

Up to five upcoming releases:
V/A – Stereo Slave – Feat. Brisker & Magitman, Parham & Plaza, La Baaz, Lish, Peter Gun, and more.
V/A – Kinky Beats – Feat. La Baaz, Emok, Duca, Khainz, and more.

Your opinion about the current evolution of (psy) trance and your position there?
The Progressive and Electro scene is just getting bigger, more people getting expose to this kind of sound, people that used to listen only to Psy Trance getting into it more and more.

Your opinion about the digital age (digital releases/distribution)?
Oshry: You can call me old-fashioned, but I believe in buying the real plastic It gives you the full experience of the CD / Vinyl (And its not only by the music only. Digital Shops giving the Electronic scene a big expose to places that never heard before Psy Trance or Progressive or Electro, and gives you an opportunity to buy only few tracks that you liked from a compilation or an album. So I can see advantage and disadvantage in the same time


Your name / position?
Oshry Ben Simon (DJ Osho) & Daniel Leites owners of Echoes Records