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Your Country Report

Trancers Guide To The Galaxy LogoThanks a lot for being an area agent for the Trancers Guide To The Galaxy. Below you find a form where you can add country related information.

You don’t need to fill out the whole questionaire.

The few fields which need to be filled out we have to marked with an asterisk * – But… the better the answers and the more you write the more chance you have to get featured on top position of the mushroom website and in the printed edition of our Trancers Guide To The Galaxy special edition. If you need a pause in between times you can SAVE this articles as DRAFT version.


Please have in mind that this country report shouldn’t be a place to promote single organisations. We would like to build a general overview about the Psytrance countries in the world. If you want to promote yourself only please submit a regular article HERE.

Thank you very much for your help and being a representive of the Psytrance community in your country.

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This is the Trancers Guide To The Galaxy from 2014. Probably your country report is part of the next edition. We wish you good luck!