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Axios Records proudly presents “Jigsaw of Failures”, a powerful debut EP of Egon’s Embrace, a US based Serbian psychedelic trance producer. Musically, 4 tracks represent a personal testimony of emotional perils, existential anxieties and ultimately, regeneration. It is a musical echo of experiences that are defined by emotional landscapes, melancholic vibes and elegant leads. Through evolving harmonies of sound, Egon’s Embrace uncovers the beautiful balance between the light and the darkness, a dream and a nightmare.

1. Jigsaw Of Failures 

2. Drown With Me

3. Nothing´s Sad ´Till It´s Over

4. Take it all in, embrace it. The Melancholy, The Anxiety, Everything 


Written and Produced by Mladjo Ivanovic 

Mastering by Onkel Dunkel 

Artwork by Joe the Glow


© +  Axios Records 2018