News from the Electric Power Pole: The Australian label is just about to release ‘Myriad Expressions’. Compiled by Steven Zanuttini, one of the two heads behind the project Hedonix, this CD is described to be a ‘concoction of psychedelic morning madness’. Quite a promising announcement, so we inquired into the matter.

You collected a Myriad Expressions’-…of what?

The title of the compilation refers to the infinite forms and ways through which the one reality expresses itself. To keep with this theme I have selected tracks with a diverse range of musical styles from some of the most unique artists in the Psychedelic Trance genre. My intention was to seek out songs with atmosphere, musicality, depth and mood. What you can expect to hear on this CD is a nicely blended cross section of melodic morning Psytrance and Goa which suits large festival dance floors or small intimate forest parties.

Could you please name some titles and explain in detail what makes them outstanding?

My personal favourite track on the compilation is Slipstream‘ by Terrafractyl. I had already selected a Terrafractyl track for the compilation but after hearing this one I knew I must include it as well. It starts off with a groovy little triplets piece to introduce the song after which it simply explodes into the one of the most energetic and beautiful melodic tracks, full of key changes and psychedelic intricacies which make for a blissful daylight dancing experience. Another one of my favourites on the CD is Tarantula‘ by Talpa. A very emotive, musical and haunting composition with pumping bass lines and swirling melodies drenched in psychedelic sounds and atmospheres.

You are strongly connected to Electric Power Pole any inside information about releases or projects to come?

EPP Records has recently acquired a digital distribution deal and Myriad Expressions will be the first compilation of EPP to be released both in CD and digital format. Additionally, all previous EPP releases will soon be available digitally through iTunes, Beatport, etc. After Myriad Expressions there are many other albums and compilations due to be released on EPP in the coming year. The next VA is called The Flip Side‘ and features tracks from Hedonix, Fracas, Tripinstumble and many more. A new album by Frechbax will follow in December and a new Hedonix album is also coming in 2012.

Thank you very much for the interview!

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