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Quality is Jacob Ehrnrooth’s favoured formula. Therefore for over ten years the Finnish label has been bestowing the world with real psychedelic music. Music that is truly different to the regular 4to4-kind of music we all know.

Humorous in both visuals and sound, exceptional and brilliant in artwork and absolutely freaky in terms of psychedelic sound, Exogenic climbed the throne of »Suomi Sound«, surrounded by bands like Texas Faggott, Squaremeat, Mac Mavis and Haltya. But since Finland also has a whole bunch of other very good and very different music to offer, Exogenic was transformed into the Exogenic Label Group, which consists of Exogenic Breaks (Breaks, Jazz), XO Records (Hip Hop) and Terra Recordings (Pop, Rock).

The electronic scene listened to Kiwa for their cool and sound orientated break tracks, to Highpersonic Whomen for their warm and fat fullon. Now Exogenic Records, the traditional home of finnish extravaganza, picked up both and we have – as expected – two fresh and highly psychedelic albums – but,… at the same time they are really progressive and include a lot of club music influences. So we have very good news from Tommi Sirkiä and Markku Louhio directly from the Suomi woods.

Please explain the constellation of people, your history in music and the new concepts behind Kiwa and Highpersonic Whomen.
Tommi: I don‘t really remember since I was already into it being 3rd generation of a musician family. Highpersonic Whomen was formed originally by Jürgen Sachau and me. After our first album »Alternative Energysource« we played around the globe at underground festivals. Jürgen didn ´t feel the vibe to continue. So I asked my friend Markku Louhio from Kiwa to join the production. The result was »Push The Limit«. Our first album was produced in analog style, even the mastering. Our production methods were pretty unorthodox. For example did we go to music stores to play around with the synths and gizmos – and when nobody was watching we hooked a portable dat into the outputs and snitched the sounds on the spot. These days audio production is so much easier and faster.

The new sound seems to be an opening for the Finnish sound to a wider audience, kinda break out of the inner psychedelic circle to more consumable styles…
Markku: The idea behind it is: progressive music melts influences that we feel this music needs. Adding our effort, but still keeping within the genre. Besides our own projects we have many promising talents in the Finnish progressive scene to offer for the international trance public. Just keep your ears open for Finland in the near future…
Tommi: Most Finnish psychedelic music is too hard or too funny for most of the people, however there seems to be a core circle of true psychedelic people who »get it«, get the »suomi-sound«. We try to make well produced, good sounding trance music, psychedelic and interesting. We want a more clubby surrounding of breakbeat, prog and techno without loosing the flow. We did the new album completely digital and everything from the beginning to the mastering by ourselves to have maximum control, and the sound feels good now.

We ´ve been involved in the electronic music scene for so many years now, that we believe in true quality music, core families, the people and timeless production. If you look at the line up of most festivals there aren ´t many interesting underground fresh ideas inventing artists anyways. Seems like it ´s safer that way.