The Psytrance End-of-Summer Celebration in Central Europe 2024
06 – 08 September 2024

Wiesen / Austria
Tom Rom

The F.L.O.W Experience Festival has been Austria’s largest Psytrance festival for 14 years, attracting up to 7,500 Fraggles over three days. In 2024, the festival is moving to a new location with a long-standing tradition just south of Vienna. This venue has hosted rock, reggae, and EDM legends over the past 30 years, from Deep Purple and Kraftwerk to Sven Väth. In case of rain, the main floor can be electrically covered to protect 4,000 people from rain. The location also boasts perfect infrastructure with permanent toilet and shower facilities and professional amenities at all levels. Previously, F.L.O.W. took place in a quarry near Wiener Neustadt, which was difficult to reach by public transport. From this year onwards, everything will be different and better. In September, Austria can still experience midsummer temperatures above 30 degrees Celsius, making F.L.O.W. the Psytrance end-of-summer celebration in Central Europe, just one week after Indian Spirit in Northern Germany.

Tom Rom, who has been in Flow with the F.L.O.W. since its inception, spoke with organizer Stefan, who is now the sole organizer.

1. The F.L.O.W. Experience holds a special place in Austria’s Goa history and became the leading international Psytrance festival in the country after the largest Austrian festival, Sonnenklang, ended in 2007. When did F.L.O.W. start and when was the last festival?

The first F.L.O.W. took place in 2010. The festival was only canceled in 2020 due to COVID-19 and in 2023 while searching for a new location and the need for a break. From 2024 onwards, we have a new location near the village of Wiesen, and F.L.O.W. will continue.

2. F.L.O.W stands for “Feel Love on Weekend.” How did you come up with the name and what does it represent?

It’s all about getting away from it all on the weekend and experiencing freedom, love, and fun. First, we had the word FLOW, and then we thought about what meaning would fit well with it, and that’s how we came up with the name.

3. This year, you are the sole organizer of F.L.O.W. Can you briefly describe the festival’s history and how you became an organizer?

I’ve been organizing events since I was 14, initially hosting rock and punk events for students. I’ve experienced almost all music genres and hosted parties until I discovered the largest Psytrance festival in Austria at the time, Sonnenklang, in the early 2000s. I was completely blown away and have been into Psy & Progressive Trance ever since. Over the years, I attended almost all major Psytrance festivals worldwide. After Sonnenklang ended in 2008, there was a void for a large Psy festival in Austria, so we decided to create our own. Together with Andi, a former Sonnenklang co-organizer, and Jürgen, a friend, we founded F.L.O.W. 15 years ago. We started with just 350 guests and grew to 7,500 Fraggles within ten years. Due to Jürgen’s work changes, I now organize the festival on my own, with a fantastic team that has been with us for years. Andi will also be helping out again this year.

4. Describe the new location in Wiesen.
The location is incredibly green, as the entire area is named Wiesen (meaning meadow). The festival grounds are surrounded by meadows and forests. Even the campsite is a meadow, not paved – just meadows. A big advantage is that there will be no portable toilets; instead, there are plenty of permanent toilet and shower facilities that will be kept clean throughout the festival. Hot showers are a given and don’t cost extra, unlike other festivals.

5. Can attendees drive directly onto the festival grounds?

Yes, everyone can set up their tent right next to their car on the camping ground next to the market area. There’s no separate caravan area, so cars and caravans can park next to each other, and campers can build their tent sites with their shade structures.

6. The lineup is fantastic: Astrix, Astral Projection, Juno Reactor, Protonica, OxiDaksi, and Schrittmacher from Indian Spirit as headliners. Why these artists? Do you have a personal connection with them?

I’m excited to finally bring Astral Projection back to Austria. I’ve attended so many Psy festivals worldwide but have never seen them live. Astrix is a favorite among many fraggles, and many have asked me for him to play at F.L.O.W. I’m also a fan of Protonica; their music is exactly my taste. I’m particularly happy that Rouven, aka Schrittmacher, from Indian Spirit is coming, who celebrates the end of summer in northern Germany just a week before.

7. The crème de la crème of Austrian Psy artists, like Artyficial and celtic trancer Taliesin, are also performing. How difficult was it to select the artists?

The selection was extremely difficult because we also have our own label (FLOW EV records) with many great producers, and there are so many good DJs, DJanes, and producers in Austria. DJs like Kajola and the live act Taliesin have been with us from the beginning and have a large, long-standing fan base in Austria.

8. On Friday, there’s a second floor with Techno DJanes. Why the crossover?

Well, you know, Psytrance scene has evolved significantly in recent years, with very fast subgenres like Hightech, Forest, and Psytech emerging. So we want to cover as many musical tastes as possible. Let the women tech on!

9. The festival’s stage holodeck environment is created by Anzu Creations, one of Austria’s best decoration groups, which has transformed many dance floors into psy-spaces internationally. Tell us about them.

Anzu Creations are the art-geniuses of Leon and Nina, who have extensive experience in decoration. They’ve decorated large dance floors in Switzerland and Germany and are among Austria’s best in Psy art. For example, they decorated Mystica in Zurich and prepared decorations for Shankara.

10. What can we expect this year in terms of visuals, lasers, and performances?

TAS, who also does visuals and mapping for Modem and Burning Mountain, will handle the visual art work. He creates the craziest visuals I know. Modified is in charge of lasers. For performances, we’ve engaged Burning Roots, who create fantastic fire shows.

11. Is there a Chillout Zone or Healing Area?

We are combining the Chillout and Healing areas. There will be a huge programme including bodywork, massages, and sound journeys. We are currently working on the schedules. This year, we are also offering a lot for children.

12. What about the Market Area and the food and clothing stands?

We’ll have a wide range of options. There will be an Indian restaurant, authentic Italian FLOW pizza, burgers, local specialties like Feuerflecken, dumplings, and delicious options for vegetarians and vegans.

13. Do you have a final message for the attendees of F.L.O.W. 2024?

We recommend stress-free, eco-friendly travel by train directly to the Wiesen railway station. It’s only a 45-minute journey from Vienna, including a short transfer. From Wiesen station, it’s just a few minutes’ foot walk to the festival entrance. We will also have a shuttle that takes three minutes to the entrance, which is convenient for those with heavier luggage. Everyone can bring food and drinks to the campsite. Just go with the F.L.O.W.!

Tom Rom

Tom Rom is an author for mushroom magazine since 2001. He also wrote many articles for the Trancers Guide to the Galaxy. With some friends he founded and promoted the biggest Psy-Festival in Europe in the springtime, called Sonnenlang, from 2003 to 2007. Until 2012 he was head promotor for the Spirit Base festival. He has been still active in contributing to and promoting Psy festivals in the last 20 years.

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