The French Trance scene is living a real transformation and is going stronger than ever. Psytrance can be heard everywhere. The parties are being held outdoors, indoors and as the days get longer and the sun shines to its full rays, festivals are taking place.


This year could definitely be called “Women Year Trance Djette”… The Djettes showed what they were all about and totally inflamed the dance floors. The feminine attitude and sensitivity touching the turn tables did not leave cold. And moreover, some, such as Djane Sydney, Miss Tick, Cok le Co, Ilhem Decibulle and Marine Yumen throw parties at bars at least once a month as well as outdoors. Some created new party teams such as Nuclear Nymph with “Tribe United.”

This year, a special place has been given to darker and faster music. The “Free” movement has made a major impact on the psytrance scene led by Jeff Tekkinox and its team “Opsygen.” Going through rough times, the “free” party scene had many parties cancelled. Hardcore major Djs such as Manu Le Malin were part of Psytrance Mandala Records line up party. The label from Bordeaux, who do not have only great wines but also a great music scene, had a party almost every month and brought in such artists as: Solaris, Highlight Tribe, Pandora, Hyper Frequencies, Synthetik Chaos …just to name a few and threw many parties with more of a “dark” edge. Dj Taho Greg (Dream &Fly) and DJ H3rtz played their house set at Tantka’s/Psytraveller France before party. Festival such as Amne’zik proposed different gender of music on their line-up.

The boundaries of music gender, ages and sex were broken. “Together we stand, divided we fall” really found its true meaning and where not just words. There were no more questioning, the electronic world of all gender became one and doing so could stand strong and become one.

Going to Paris? A bar that saw the psytrance scene grew over those last twenty years: “The Gibus” has grown to be the place to go to go slam your feet on high BPM in the capital.

Hadra had its four days magical festival in the mountains of Lans en Vercors presenting different national and international artists with three different scenes (main, alternative and chill out). The Tantra festival, is a new festival which enchanted the hearts of many participants, who enjoyed the flavour of the “old school” festival spirit. After, the positive impact, it should be held a second time this summer.

In the South of France, Highteck was the sound that took over the dance floor. The BMP is going faster and faster. The South was very active in all aspects of the psytrance movement. For the first time in history, a march was allowed for the legalisation of marijuana by the Mayor of Marseille.

Cortical team New Year’s party was held on an island in front of Marseille. Everyone took a boat in order to get to an old middle age castle and end the year. In July, a party took place in a nursery “Les Zinzins de l’espace.” In the South East region “Phantasia” was organised for the seven times in a row, bringing in great decoration, Dj’s and good spirit.

In Marseille, there was a party almost every weekend in different bars such as The Apéro Trance, l’Intermédiaire and l’Up and Down with different themes. In Avignon, the parties were held at the Clash Bar which also is a radio for alternative music.

In June, for the annual musical day, a party was held on one of the Beach of Marseille, a tribute to Goa; A free party that was a really success. Magic was brought to Marseille. It was followed by other parties thrown at the Dock Du Sud by the larger organisations and featured famous national and international artists. In October, a beautiful castle was besieged for the ten year anniversary of Electric Storm.

The French Trance scene knows how to open their hearts to foreigners, and keep up the music and dancing spirit. Realizing we are “all,”  and we are “one.”

Text: Florence Croizat (Limpts) French Editor for the Psy traveller Magazine


More artists:

Hiligh Tribe, Total Eclipse, Hyperfrequencies, UASCA, Klement, Franck Kick Bong/Triptone, Organic Waves, The Aquarians, Toires, Oudja Psychotrop, Gagarin Project, Deedrah Dhira, Secret Vibes, Dirty Vader, Lipo Cat, Astrogen, Oniryx Mat, Secretpocket Psydom, Bamboo Forest, Davidshanti Terraformer, Tikal, Absolum, Blue Planet Corporation, CSX, Digital Talk, D Root, Illegal Machines, Jaia, Khetzal, Life Extension, Lunarave, Neuromotor, Asura, Hol Baumann, H.U.V.A Network, Laurent Chanal, Plasmotek, The Spectre, Akxess, Mox (Total Eclipse&Ecosphere), Ecosphere, Digital Mystery Tour, Stenman (Life Extension&Akxess&Mighty Pills),


Important Psytrance label from :

Ultimae records, Mandala records, Bus records, MadMuzik records, Sonic Motion Records, GforceProd, Neurotype records, World People records, Morphonic Records, Tesseractstudio, Limonade Records,Natural Beat Makerz, Mahogany Records and Trancemigration Productions and Nataraja music record.


Points of interest:

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