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From mid 90s Goa Trance music and events have started spreading.
Definetely the most important and the holdest music project is ETNICA and PLEIADIANS both formed by Italian duo Max Lanfranconi and Maurizio Begotti from Milan. They stay are spending most of their lives in Ibiza (Spain). They have been producing quality psytrance for about 20 years and playing on tours at every corner of the world. They are even today considered one of the best live projects on the global scene.
Nowadays the most talented and famous Italian projects are ILAI for full-on psytrance, HYPOGEO for dark-progressive and ELEGY for pure progressive psy style and some others projects. These young artists have beed launched by varoius crews, that over the years have built up some of the gratest partyes. Today some of the active crews are QUARION TRIBE, NAC, DIFFERENT REALITY, MONKEYSEXPLOSION, BELIEVE, GOA PROJ., FREESPIRIT, EUDAIMONIA, PSYFLY and others.
Regarding music production, some important labels have been born and the best known are NEUROBIOTIC, MAGMA, PIXAN, VELENO, LOONEYMOON, MMH, BLUEHOUR, MENTALDROP and more.
As far as events/festivals are concerned, worth mantioning the most are BLACKMOON, SONICA, HUMAN EVOLUTION, SUMMER CELEBRATION, GOALAND.
It can be surely stated that the Psytrance scene in Italy is in continued evolution and there are often projects coming in and going out.