Goawizzard - Charts March 2018

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Goawizzard (Project) formerly known as Dj * MaC* the Head from G.D.I, had since the early in the Nineties,dealt with all Styles of Electronic Music, he started with 14 years mixing electronic music styles,first Hardcore, Gabba, Speedcore then Rave, progressive House and later Hardtrance / Psytrance / Progressive Trance.

The Last Years he worked for Universal Dance Records / Australia and from 2011-2013 he worked for Ananda Tribe Records.Currently, he is now at Psy-Dance-Global Records.

During the last Years was he experimenting with a lot Digital and Analog Instruments to realize his own Psytrance Music after his imagination.

He play as DJ various Styles of Electronic Dance Music from Progressive over Chillout and much more.

As Liveact he plays some Experimental Psytrance,Psygressive and Chill Music


Dickster & Hypnocoustics - Chance 2 B

Hi Profile - T.I.M.E. (GroundBass Remix)

Cosma & Silent Sphere - Moving (Ritmo Remix)

Altruism - Colours (James West Remix)

Shogan - Yoru

Relativ & Yestermorrow - Galactic Riders

Dickster - Elastic Dreams

Sonic Species - Trance Is Life

Altruism & Burn In Noise & Outsiders - Consciousness

The Commercial Hippies - Ubuntu

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Goawizzard Project - Hamburg

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Goawizzard Project - Hamburg

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Goawizzard Project - Hamburg

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