Gryphon-X - Charts July 2018

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I have had very humble beginnings and even through the years it has been a very good journey into the world of electronic music. I have come a long way from the days of teaching myself to beat match in a small flat with a set of entry level turntables and borrowed vinyl from a friend. These days I enjoy the digital format of playing music, it has opened many more opportunities as far as tools you can use to make your djíng more creative. After being in the industry for about 15 years now I recently got asked to join the MAGMA Records team which is a big leap into the world of Psytrance for me. To have a label recognize my abilities is a true blessing and one that i foresee taking my visibility in the scene to new levels. I am busy with a few things lately, between co-founding and managing the Psychedelic Saturdays page on Facebook, having a residency on Tribalismoradio every Friday night and doing self promotion. Recently I had a dream of mine come true by means of me having the golden opportunity to play at Vortex Phoenix in June on my birthday weekend, which was the highlight of the year for me. Just before that I played at Summer Camp and that was a magical experience, only to be told that I will be there for every Summer Camp to follow. So lots going on lately and I am very grateful for all of it, the future will be one of much love and light i believe.


Shyisma - Illegal U.F.O. (MAGMA Records)

Zyce - Slava (Iono Music)

E-Clip - Qoom (Iono Music)

Egorythmia - Nocturnal (Sabretooth Remix) (Iono Music)

Mirage - Awakening of Nature (MAGMA Records)

Shyisma - Technology (MAGMA Records)

Sonic Entity - Dreamcatcher (TesseracT Studio)

Sonic Species - Smashing the Veil (Nano Records)

Sabretooth - Turbo Encabulator (Expo Records)

Demosys - Revolution (Dacru Records)

2 days ago

Gryphon-X  -  MAGMA Records

Open your eyes 💣💣💣open your mind
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Perfect Stranger
Boom Festival 2018 performance was a big challenge for me. I knew the lineup few months before the gig happened and all that time it was a mystery to me how this will go through. But eventually, all I could do is to do the best with what I have 🙂 My wife never saw me preparing for one single gig that much, she couldn't believe how much time I put into fixing all the vintage PS material. Hell, I couldn't believe it myself... Eventually, that was an amazing experience, with out of this world audience and stage and sound system... I want to thank Boom for thinking about this impossible lineup, and still shaken (but not stirred) from the crowd's reaction to a music that some of it was written over a decade before. Here is a sum up for that experience, made by Jan Beddegenoodts.

Track in the background - Perfect Stranger & Eitan Reiter - Lizard (Boom 2018 mix)

Thank you ❤

Boom Festival Official
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