Guwanej - Charts March 2018

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Guwanej ( Dj and Producer ) is Sven Pape, born in Munich. In the early 90´s he had his first contacts with music and mostly loved oldies and 80s sounds, later he listened to Dance, Happy Hardcore and various electronic music styles influenced by ethnic world music. In ’97 he visited the legendary Natraj Temple in Munich and fell in love with Goa Trance in all of it’s art forms, and soon after he started also playing it as a Dj around Munich and Frankfurt. 2013 he becomes part of the “Alice in Wummerland” parties, the biggest party series in the south of Germany as a resident Dj, and also starts playing on international gigs like in Turkey, Netherlands, Sweden, Austria, Slovenia, Slovakia, Czech Republik and Switzerland as well as local gigs.
Today his unique sets are filled up with fullpower twilight and forest music. They often change from progressive tunes to melodic and crackling tracks. He is now a member of Forestdelic Records and Psycana Records. In 2017 he released his first own Tracks on different EP´s. He also became part of Effective Muds in 2017(Live Act — NightPsy/Forest Act).
11/2016 VA – Rumble in the Jungle on Forestdelic Records
Released Tracks:
01/2018 “Balkan Forest” on VA Sun Cross – winter solstice – Skyfather Rec.
03/2017 “Snowride” on VA Devas Regal Asuras 2 on Visionary Shamanics Records
06/2017 “Cat on Acid” on VA ELLEFOLKET MYSTERIES (EP)- Visionary Shamanics Records (…t-on-acid)
06/2017 “Surreal Incidents” on VA ELLEFOLKET MYSTERIES (EP)- Visionary Shamanics Records (…incidents)

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Anthill vs. Kabayun - Thermal Pulse (Sangoma Records)

Slide - Double Jive (Dream Project Records)

Anthill - Spooky (unreleased)

Kala - Mind Games (unreleased)

Sonic Elyslium - Nocturne (unreleased)

Slide - La Natura Dell'Universo Original mix (Dream Project Records)

Kala - Babloons (unreleased)

Yudhisthira - BumbleBee (unreleased)

Animalien - Funk Phase (Believe Lab)

Yabba Dabba - Disjointed (Sangoma Records)

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