Make a change in the world: A popular phrase these days. Samsara actually takes action. The festival in Hungary has a very convincing approach how fun, awareness and charity can go together.
Simon Posford will pre-open Samsara with a 3-hour best-off set of his projects Hallucinogen, Shpongle and Younger Brother: Sounds great, doesn’t it? But it comes even better: The artist donates half of his fee to Dharma, a project that helps disadvantaged young adults suffering from psychological disorders by involving them therapeutically in a horse rescue shelter. This non-profit organization with its animal rights and social focus was developed by Samsara Festival’s social responsibility program. A very real example for making a change in the world! The beautiful thing about Samsara is that it fuels this kind of charitable activity through a festival experience that is, plain and simple, absolute stunning. If you’re into music, have a look at the lineup – it tells a story of its own. The Psychedelic Yoga Village and the 1st Land Art Finissage are just two examples of the rich non-musical program. And here’s another exciting fact: The location of Samsara is just 30 km from Ozora, at Balaton lake, and it opens its gates the moment Ozora is over.