Happy Birthday HOMmega!

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Ever so brilliant at recognizing talent, Eyal initially recruited artists who are today the most accepted trance acts across the world – Astrix, Dali, X-Noize, Black & White, PsySex to name a few. The label also represents Israel’s pioneering trance act Infected Mushroom. Divyan recently caught up with Eyal for exclusive birthday festivities:

Divyan: First and foremost we would like to wish HOMmega a very Happy 10th Birthday! Could you tell us about the history of the label?
Eyal: In 1997 I opened my own label ‘HOMmega Productions’. Running HOMmega for the last 10 years was full of action as we slowly turned from a small niche underground label to a major electronic music company and a global booking agency handling the cream of Israeli trance, from Xerox and PsySex to Astrix and Infected Mushroom (and many more)

Divyan: A lot has happened since you first started the label. What changes have come about at HOMmega since then?
Eyal: The stand out moments are mostly good – like moving from working in my small house to the new office & studio in Tel Aviv, Astrix entering DJ magazine’s top 100 poll, Sub6’s debut album being titled ‘album of the year’ by the Israeli DJ magazine, Psy Craft’s ‘Dirtbag’ clip aired on MTV, The massive indoor nights and outdoor open air’s in UK, Brazil, Japan and morebut also one sad memory which left its mark on HOM mega is the loss of one of it’s most remarkable membersAvihen Livne (aka Cosma) who passed away in a motorcycle accident in Goa in 2003 (Rest In Peace).

Divyan: They say the Trance Music Industry is at an all time low. Are you angry about sinking CD sales? How much does an artist like Astrix sell today?
Eyal: The scene is at a peak and the CD sales are at their lowest at the moment, but I am still happy to report that HOMmega’s fan base is quite monumental and in the end, when releasing new CDs, we still manage to ‘make a buck’. About Astrix, I can say that from the 2 albums, 2 singles and 2 compilation that he released so far, we sold more then 60,000 copies and we are eagerly warming up to the release of his forthcoming 3rd album, ‘Red means distortion’, towards the end of the year.

Divyan: What do you think of the Digital Distribution Market? Is the digital market going to replace the Physical market?

Eyal: The future for the labels is not in digital sales because same as with CDs, the majority of people still find it hard to pay for what they can get for free (although it does seem have hope as it is slowly increasing), but the real solution is a change of concept, the label has to become the full management of the artists, taking care of music sales, booking, merchandise and all business surrounding the musicthis is the only way to keep the team running.’

Divyan: HOMmega is known to have ‘created the Full On style’. What direction are you taking it from here?

Eyal: I have a great team to lead into the next decade of HOMmega. We want to keep and pave the road for intelligent electronic dance music to take on world. We are always looking for this fine line between psychedelic and commercial trance in order to appeal to more people from different parts of the world. We will aim to a bigger variety of genres in the coming year, that’s for sure. But in the end, we will always use this power to support and spread the word about our trance music.

Divyan: What are your thoughts on the evolution of Trance? How do you think psychedelic trance will be viewed 5 years from now?
Eyal: For me, the evolution of trance music will be the combination of the music with visuals so that we can arouse more senses. Intelligent music is telling a story
If we manage to give a vision to this story, it will surely transmit more pleasure. HOMmega’s moto says ‘Music is the soundtrack of your life’. What if we manage
to make you also experience ‘The vision of your dream’?

‘In order to thank the listeners for their magnificent support HOMmega has produced a special retro set which includes classics from the past 10 years. You may download the free set by visiting the site.’