HaZe - Charts December 2018

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HaZe is a DJ located in Graz/Austria. He is known for his passion for deep/dark/foresty psychedelic music. Always trying to get in touch with the crowd he brings a driving pumping vibe on the dancefloor with his sets, which can be very varied .
Already at a young age he discovered his love for music and started collecting tracks from different genre’s.
In 2012 he finally bought his first DJ Equip and started mixing in the living room and played at a few birthday partys. Finally he got his first public booking 2014 at Psychedelic Carnival in Zürich where he played a b2b Set with DJ Jetzawa.
Since then he already played for lots of several festivals and partys in Austria, Slovenia, Switzerland and Turkey.
HaZe is the founder and head of the Sundose Crew who startet in 2016 to organize Psychedelic Underground Events called “The Sundose Experience” in their hometown Graz. 
Meanwhile they already did loads of parties and floor-hostings since they poped up.


Once Upon A Time & Juuu - Digijungle / Forestdelic Records

Onkel Dunkel - Up Your Arsenal / Parvati Records

Hotep - Beeba / Sangoma Records

Archaic - Hazelnut Twig / Parvati Records

Dohm & FungPung - Cheetah / Forest Freak Records

Antonymous - Shadows of the Void / Insomnia Records

Vertical - Tricky Situations / Believe Lab

Anthill - Spooky / Forestelic Records

Fagin’s reject - Goat Leg (Earthling Remix) / Zero1 Music

Braincell - Paekariki / Nano Records