How does one grow magic mushrooms from spores?

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I was told that you can buy magic mushroom spores / seeds but not mature plants. How does one grow them from spores? Is it something I can do at home if I don't have huge experience?


To answer your first question: yes, all mushrooms can be grown from spores (not seeds) so this counts for magic mushrooms too!

Magic mushroom (Psilocybe cubensis) growkits come in different kinds:

  • Ready to grow. Everything is included, you only need to add water. 
  • Easy growkit. These include a syringe filled with spores. After injecting, it’s fairly easy to grow mushrooms with this box. 
  • Easy “Ohne” growkit. These do not include spores. You need to get yourself a spore print or spore syringe before you can start growing. This requires more skills but nothing you can’t learn by doing. Actually, working sterile is by far the most important ‘skill’. 

All these mushroom growing essentials are available from our website, but please note that some of these products cannot be shipped to every country. 

With the instructions on this website, you can learn how to grow mushrooms from a spore print. 

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One comment

  • Once you buy your magic mushrooms spores for them, you could inoculate some grain or seed then throw them into a shaded garden bed outside. Just keep added cow, chicken or whatever poop and grow a huge supply every year. They will keep coming back as long as you keep feeding them!


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