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Amir Dvir, Started his musical career back in 97 at the very young age of 16, he started his career under the project “Luminus”, which he released 3 albums under that name with Hommega and Phonokol Records. A few years later in the year 2000 Amir decided that he wants to take a different musical direction and he started “Illumination” project, it didnt take much time until he teamed up with one of Hommega’s founders “Xerox” and they formed the duo “Xerox & Illumination”, which they released 4 albums and played gigs all over the world for more then 10 years. In May 2007 the british “DJMag” magazine voted X&I as one of the 10 influential psytrance acts.
Around the year 2012 Amir started the “Born Sleepy” project, his solo side project that focused on a more slower, flowing progressive music and released several tracks in labels such as Iboga, Hommega and TIP records.
Amir is also part of the duo “Humanoids” which he formed together with OldSkool Goa artist “Sandman” in 2014.
Nowadays, Amir joined the Zero1 Music Family, coming with a new “Illumination” sound, filled with analogue synths and intelligent production. 


Skizologic & Illumination - Granular reality (Zero1 Music)

Loonacy - Get pitted (Looney Moon Rec.)

Ajja - Bebopper (GMS & Beyond Repair Remix) (Peak Rec.)

Psysex & Illumination - Play the drum (Hommega Rec.)

Virtual Light & Ital - Hyperbolic (Zero1 Music)

Ingrained Instincts & Nukleall - Burning neurons (Sonica Rec.)

Everblast - Land of the lost (Zero1 Music)

Obliviant & Dust - Goof (Southwild Remix) (Looney Moon Rec.)

Tron vs OCD - Unforgettable (Zero1 Music)

Illumination - Random odyssey (Zero1 Music)

1 week ago


Final touches... Recording a few more layers for my remix to Killerwatts & Mandala’s epic track "Edge of time"
Out soon on NANO RECORDS
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Awesome sauce

sounds sick man!



Leandro Amonati qual vai ser da session


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3 weeks ago


The psy scene in Korea is still small but its definitely going in the right way.. Here is a short clip from the event i played there about a month ago, smiles and good vibes all around! gamsahapnida!

Melody Island Music & Art Gathering 멜로디 아일랜드 뮤직 아트 개더링

Melody Island Music & Art Gathering 멜로디 아일랜드 뮤직 아트 개더링

드디어 지난 9월 8일 남양주, 스쿨디포에서 가졌던 Melody Island Music & Art Gathering - Autumn의 After Movie에요! 애프터무비를 보니 따듯한 사람들과 함께한 그날로 돌아가고 싶네요. 다시 한번 개더링에 참석해 주신 여러분께 진심으로 감사드리고, 더 좋은 음악과 힐링 프로그램으로 꽃피는 봄이 올 때 다시 돌아올께요! 2019년 기대되지 않으세요?

Plz, check out the after movie of Melody Island Music & Art Gathering - Autumn. Melody Island is coming back in the spring of 2019 with more healing programs and music!
Keep watching!

Love & Light
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1 month ago


Celli Van Der Hole is juicing the MS20 on our session last weekend.
Can’t wait to finish this tune, untill the release here is a little taste, was great having u here m8!
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Túlio Regis Xavier Santos

mestres !!!

Already good in my ears 👏🏻



Roma Miyakush

lets make somethng

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