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Imix aka Dj Anza is one of the premiere psy trance producers hailing from Austria – the central European hot bed for trance culture – and has just released his full-length album: ONE (Geomagnetic Morningstar).

Imix is Franz J. Bogendorfer, born in 1960 in Vienna. In 1996, while a stay in Goa he was ‘infected’ – He soon started spinning psy trance as DJ Anza and has gained high experience which finally brought him to create his own psy trance project in 2002: Imix (=KIN 161 ‘harmonic red dragon’ is the Mayan zodiac of

Franz and significates ‘impulse’).
Typical for Imix’ ‘good looking’ full-on psy trance are hard-kicking bass drums and massive rolling bass lines, he likes funky licks, psychedelic and crunchy synth sounds and harmonic melodies for night and daytime. His music is influenced by the power of good looking rare psychedelic funk coming from the legends of the 70´s: George Clinton, Bootsie Collins, The JB´s, Herbie Hancock, Sly und Family Stone.

With vocals and subliminal messages he sometimes spices up his arrangements.

Some of his collaborations so far:
With Didi (Chaos Therapy) as Beatfriends Project – ‘Supersonic’.
With Leon (Tactic Mind) and Avi (Ultravoice) – ‘Top of the Hill’ (Imix Rmx).
With Omi (40%) – ‘Swift’ (Imix Rmx).
With Marc (Psyboriginal) – ‘Level Schmevel’.
With Fred (Patch Bay) – the groove monster ‘Patchmix’.