Immunity to political games among Russian psychedelic community!

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Since last year Russia is living under quite intense political and economical pressure of  Western society but local psychedelic “aborigines” seems to have obtained a sort of immunity to such conditions as the upcoming summer will see as many festivals as never before. Among established Russian Festivals such as Trimurti, Insomnia and Systo country got solid addition  Chill Out Planet Festival  ( named after famous psyware brand) happening for 2 nd time and a couple of promising newcomers such as Imaginarium Festival that also to display good choice of international act like Zyce, Flegma, Ectima, Fobi to name but a few and  Open air season first event “Beams of Light” is granted to happen in Crimea that was recently reunited with Russia again.   Also happening this summer Tortuga Festival on stunning location on an island in a lake near Moscow masterminded by XP Voodoo himself  and celebrating 20 years of trance action in Russia, and Skazka (Fairy Tale) festival in the end of season.   And that is amazing, that in such tricky situation with Russian currency speculation that made it much more complicated to bring international acts to the country, promoters still manage to offer solid line ups full of top notch acts from around the globe.

  Russian producers continue to grow and deliver remarkable releases to psychedelic galactic sound systems. Scene veteran  Fungus Funk is ready to deliver a new album on Pixan records in his  trademark sound so as Russian legend Psykovsky with in double album this time. Sonic Elysium made quite a breakthrough on market with its new album recently. A couple of promising  acts like Wishi whose debut album is going to be released on World People Rec this year and forest acts Propagul and PsycOma are the ones to keep an eye on if you are into more darker side of psytrance.  Also not to be missed new albums by Sulima on TimeCode records and psyprogressive reincarnation of another russian veteran Den Kozlov aka Peace Data won Urobros records later this year! Also relatively new solid acts like Universcience, Space Healers will finnally deliver full albums this year!


 Worth to mention that established Russian psytrance label Vertigo is celebrate a decade of spinning around with bunch of solid compilation releases featuring cream of global and local acts and special edition of of Namaste from Russia series featuring established and promising acts on Russian scene!  The other significant Russian labels such as Insomnia, Sonic Chakras and OSOM music are back to business and  definitely preparing something worth hearing. So check your favorite trader to get some. 

 It already not a secret to many international events that Russia is also a place to search for some amazing deco artists and they seemed to put a lot of effort not to doubt that. 3 Delica is cooking something for German finest Indian Summer Festival.

  So we appeal to global psychedelic community, switch of TV and media channels. Pack you bags and welcome to Russia, lets have fun together.  


Important Artist from Russia:

More artists:
Fungus Funk, Parasence, Samadhi, Sorrowmurk, Transdriver, Sulima, Sonic Elysium, Furious, Spintribe, 604FX, Propagul, Hystria, Wishi, CPC, Peace Data, In'R'Voice, Luminexia, Cream Corp, PsycOma, Universcience, Spacehealers


Important Psytrance label from Russia:
Vertigo Records
More labels:
Osom Music, Insomnia, Sonic Chackras, Microcosmos, Organic Alchemy, Blitz Studios, Mystic SOund, Positive Reaction, Impulse Audio. Kiss the Sound


Important Party/Festival label from Russia:
Trimurti Festival
More Parties/Festivals:
Systo Festival, Chill Out Planet Festival, Imaginarium Festival, Microcosmos Events, Insomnia Label parties, Skazaka Festival, Microcosmos Events, Abstraction OA, Psyloween.


Important Deco artist from Russia:
3 Delica
More Deco artists:
FreeTranceForm, Quantum Tribe, Troo Too Too


Preferred music styles inRussia:
psytrace from dark to morning
When parties are starting? When they are closing or have to close?:
23:00 - 08:00
Are there clubs that open in the morning, is it easy to find one, do peoples have open private afterhours…:
not developed, mostly people continue parties at home
Tell us about prices. Average entry for a party (small - mid - big-sized), beer, water etc.:
Small 5-10 euro ( 300-600 RUR) Mid 10-15 ( 600-1000 RUR) Big: 10-20 (1000-1600 RUR) Festival 20-40 (1600-3500 RUR) beer 3-5 euro (200-300 RUR) water 2-3 (100-200 RUR)
Are there traffic controls after parties / festivals, which kind of tests are used?:
Might be quite intense


Points of interest:
GROG Shop /
Best places for activities:
Visit Kunst Chamber in St. Petersburg Moscow Planetarium
Best place to stay:
Hotels from cheap hostels to posh 5 star hotels. I think its safest and most reliable place to stay, also you will need hotel voucher to obtain tourist visa for Russia.
Best place to eat:
I think best places to eat is local canteens where people normally have lunch breaks during office hours, Food is rather cheap, well cooked and that is a chance to try what Russians do normally have at home. The only problem that stuff in such places most probably speak poor English and you need some assistant.


Website #1:
Initially website for local psytrance community in St. Petersburg, but become popular all around the country! Check for events, releases reviews
Website #2:
Russian Psychedelic Community
party calendar, articles about culture and music, free music downloads and many more
Website #3:
Trance RU
one of the oldest psytrance portals, party calender, forum, Local djs promo mixes and party pictures


Something curious from Russia:
Never buy non-alcoholic beer in Russia, as we have another much more better bread drink - Kvas, that taste like beer especially being cold.


St. Petersbrug
His/Her role in the Psytrance community:
Dj Unitone Vertigo Rec. & Z-Plane Rec. label manager, artist bookings manager & stage manager Trimurti Festival
Info about the author:
Dj, label manager, bookings manager and party animal
Authors Email:
the author:
intelligent psychoactive music of all kinds