29.8.-3.9.2019, Eldena/Germany

The 20th Indian Spirit Festival is waiting: This fantastic event will be celebrated in 2019 with top acts on two main stages, in deco dream worlds and with a world class laser show.

Soap bubbles shimmer along with rhythmic sounds. Fire artists enliven the night. Jugglers and walking acts captivate all eyes. Body painting, dreadlock and yoga workshops invite all guests. The Indian Spirit Festival opens its doors. So, psychedelic acts let the Moon Stage shine non-stop from Thursday thru Monday. The Sun Stage is reserved for progressive and offbeat acts from Friday afternoon through Sunday. The Indian Spirit Festival brings together acts such as Vini Vici, Neelix, Astrix, Tristan, Avalon, Ace Ventura, Berg and Bliss on one line-up among 10,000 guests.

Also announced:
A repeat of the sensational laser harp show by Electric Universe.
The Indian Spirit Festival will once again honour its tradition as the conclusion of the festival season in Germany. The Indian Spirit Festival has its idealistic origin in India – more precisely in Goa. But it is also associated with Indians.

So, one thing is clear: It will be colourful and electrifying. The 20th journey into a boundless fantasy begins!

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