Galaxy Evolution Festival 2018 - India

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20.12.2018 - 23.12.2018

Galaxy Evolution Festival


Galaxy Evolution is a festival that's due to take place in Rajasthan

Galaxy Evolution Festival

The organizers of the festival say:
“As the new timespace emerges as a field of reorganized perception, a shift in energy patterns takes place
We are ever-evolving masterpieces in motion, rooted in a cosmic timelessness that has always been and always shall be.
The telepathic registrations of a superior reality meditate you from all directions at once.
At our root, we are one; we are whole and equal…”

The festival on the map

Center map

More about Galaxy Evolution Festival

More information will be out soon...
For more info visit the FACEBOOK EVENT PAGE

Galaxy Evolution Festival on Facebook

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13 hours ago

Fisheye Events

Music is what holds the world together. Let's unite and dance together on 27th October, as @reality_test_music takes over Banglore at @vrbengaluru Grab your passes before they get vanished. #realitytesttour #spaceevolution #fisheyeevents #galaxybookings #banglorenightlife #psychedelicindia #psytrancefamily #goodvibes #peace ... See MoreSee Less

Music is what holds the world together. Lets unite and dance together on 27th October, as @reality_test_music takes over Banglore at  @vrbengaluru Grab your passes before they get vanished. #realitytesttour #spaceevolution #fisheyeevents #galaxybookings #banglorenightlife #psychedelicindia #psytrancefamily #goodvibes #peace

1 day ago

Fisheye Events

Do not regret missing this Massive gig. @reality_test_music gonna perform for the first time in India. Mark your dates and grab your tickets before they get vanished. Incredible energies ahead. #realitytesttour #galaxybookings #fisheyeevents #sahasragatherings #hyderabad #banglore #mumbai #psychedelicindia #psyspirits #psytrancefamily #indianravers #goodvibes #peace ... See MoreSee Less

1 day ago

Fisheye Events

Sahasra Gatherings bringing the best & energetic act that will make you scream & stomp all over the dance floor. Witness Reality Test on
26th October at Aqua The Park Hyderabad

Ticket link :

event link : Psychedelic Halloween Starring Reality Test

For offline, contact: 9010000111 ~ 8686775868
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