Global Eclipse Festival - United States


10.12.2020 - 16.12.2020

Global Eclipse

United States

We seek to provide a space for the fusion of aesthetics, sound, and natural living, in an atmosphere of interactive co-creation

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We're SO EXCITED for the adventure before us. Two years from today we will witness a Total Solar Eclipse in Patagonia. Members of the collaborating teams are on the ground as we speak, making an offering to the land that we hope to be hosting us, in the same manner we approached the land that welcomed us for Oregon Eclipse.

We are not ready to provide specifics but we have a site selected and are currently building relationships with the local community. This is one of the most special opportunities about producing gatherings around eclipses. We create relationships all over the world while we circumnavigate the magic of the cosmos.

We will continue to keep you informed with the latest developments but know that we are working to create another eclectic experience that you will remember for the rest of your life.

Looking forward to sharing peak moments with you again!
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OE17 Build Series Episode 11 Recap

What an amazing experience. As the cleanup moves into full swing, we can scarcely believe what has transpired. Many have been here for months and some as early as June 3. Plans to create this experience go back to 2006 after the Total Solar Eclipse in Turkey but the history that brought us here goes back even further.We thank the people who helped make this event what it was. We thank those who came before us hosting 2006 in Turkey and 2002 in Australia which inspired us to create this event. We thank the Woodward family and the stewards of the land that came before... and we thank YOU for being part of this.This event will never happen again. It came with warts and obstacles and challenges but ultimately, we were able to bring together 30k people plus staff to witness the miracle of a Total Solar Eclipse. We hope that moment inspired an appreciation of the cosmos as alive and beautiful. It sure looked beautiful to us.Until we meet again!Music : Pumpkin "shifting things" ft. Kyrstyn PixtonEdit : The Kitchen Sync

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OE17 Hyperlapse

Its hard to believe that Oregon Eclipse ended a week ago. The event was the culmination of years of designing and planning and now a small team of about 40 people continue to pick up the pieces and put them where they belong.This ephemeral experience happened so very quickly and we are thankful for our photogs and capture team in seeing the event through their lens.Music : CharlestheFirst "The Mist" featuring Chloé CloZeeEdit : Jacob Avanzato Photography

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We can hardly believe that its been a year since witnessing the elegant dance of the sun and the moon on Big Summit Prairie. While many days have passed, the experience remains fresh in our minds as a symbol of creation & collaboration on a global scale. These memories will last a lifetime.

Since departing Oregon, we’ve been scouring the earth for opportunities to see such a magnificent sight again. We are happy to say that we’ve found multiple options for creating another global gathering for the 14 December, 2020 total solar eclipse. We are looking into venues on both sides of the Andes and working with local officials to see where would best fit our needs for a safe and spectacular gathering.

We will be welcoming back some collaborators from our Oregon experience as well as adding new ones to the fold, looking forward to strengthening existing bonds while building new ones in creating another novel experience.

We plan on rolling out information over the next few months to give you some insight as to what’s in store and we leave you with a smattering of images from our last gathering. May your lives continue to be filled with inspiration, magic, and community!

Nos cuesta creer que ya haya pasado un año desde que presenciamos la elegante danza del Sol y la Luna en Big Summit Prairie. Si bien han pasado muchos días, la experiencia permanece fresca en nuestras mentes y corazones como símbolo de creación y colaboración a escala global. Estas memorias perdurarán toda la vida.

Desde que nos fuimos de Oregon, hemos estado recorriendo el territorio en busca de oportunidades para ver esta magnífica vista nuevamente. Estamos felices al poder decirles que hemos encontrado varias opciones para crear otro encuentro global para el eclipse total solar del 14 de diciembre de 2020. Estamos buscando lugares en ambos lados de la Cordillera de los Andes y trabajando con funcionarios locales para ver dónde se ajusta mejor a las necesidades para una experiencia segura y espectacular.

Le daremos la bienvenida a algunos colaboradores de nuestra experiencia en Oregón, así como la inclusión de nuevos al entramado, queriendo fortalecer los vínculos existentes y construyendo otros nuevos para crear otra experiencia sorprendente.

Planeamos desplegar información en los próximos meses para darles una idea de lo que estamos preparando y lo dejamos con un puñado de fotos de nuestro último encuentro.
¡Que sus vidas sigan llenas de inspiración, magia y comunidad! AHO

MUSIC: Matanza : Opera Andina
EDITING: Awaken Motion Pictures
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There seems to be a scam site out there that was selling presale tickets. How will we know the official event page to follow for 2020?

Nathalie Alexandra 2020 should give us enough time to save up for flights :)

Lucy Alyse The journey continues on Dec. 14, 2020! We need to be apart of this. Lets keep the artwork up at a all time high. Big love and thanks <3

I love how this was posted exactly one year later to the minute of totality!

McKenna Alex Spencer Jared Alexander Kirkler Beverly. I am definitely planning on going to this! It's going to be in Chile or Argentina. We should make some kind of plan to all go!

Tres Stewart did you know you' and the whole crew are in this at 00:33 ??

We should start saving now lol Monika Faulhammer

Shout out to the Symbiosis crew. This was such an incredible event. Looks like we gotta get the homies back together again for round 2. Thanks for the early notice.

Shaun Dunyak when can we start planning a trip to the Andes?

Pucon Chile would be right in the middle of totality and have access to water

Euphoria Aporia Das Ruth Daniel McCarrick check this out, so sad i couldnt make it out to this but mark your calendars cause we aint missin 2020 ;)💖🌈🦋

Loooooooovvvvvveeeeeee yoooooooouuuuuuuu and see you there 🙇🏽‍♂️🙏🏼💫🔥💚❤️🌈💎🌀

Marisa DeZaraAmy RoseChris Jonkerson at the end of the video it announces the place for 2020 chille eclipse

Alex Ritter we are still going.

Nathalie Roche Arias sounds like a good time to plan that Chile trip...😉

This time last year Zhara Bathe Bree Ze 😭 😍 we have to do 2020

OMG!!! This was such a fun time!! The experience was amazing and I can't wait to do this again!! Victoria Buchan road trip to South America in 2020??

Such a beautiful memory thank you for sharing! I had a baby girl growing inside me and now she is growing and learning everyday!

Global Eclipse Gathering I have some connects in the Andes let me know if you need any support

Tearing up over that video for reals

James McDermid Jennifer Van Der Krabben fantastic after movie...Dec 2020 in the Andes for the next instalment me thinks..!

Yes!! Lets do it!! PURA VIDA y shamanik Tour from Colombia always with deep love

Igor Gaelzer. This is what i was trying to send you. This is when I come visit you!!

Should definitely be somewhere near a lake or river for swimming, even Torres del Paine would be incredible 🤣🤘🏼 Can’t wait!

I want to come out and volunteer!!! Hoping to come out early for this one. Thinking about heading down several months early.

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