Global Eclipse Festival – Argentina – 10.12.2020


10.12.2020 - 16.12.2020

Global Eclipse


We seek to provide a space for the fusion of aesthetics, sound, and natural living, in an atmosphere of interactive co-creation

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More about Global Eclipse

We are ecstatic to announce the location of the 2020 Eclipse Gathering! After a wide ranging search talking with local governors and seeking guidance from local indigenous leaders we have found a home in the province of Neuquen, Argentina at a beautiful site with wide open skies, lush vegetation, and water features that will be perfect for a cosmic celebration!

The gathering site is an easily accessible 150 hectares with over 5km of the Catan Lil River frontage, flat camping, and an epic climate of warm days and cool nights encircled by beautiful landscapes of mountain ranges, rock outcroppings, and rolling hills.

Arriving will take around 2 ½ hours from San Carlos de Bariloche, 3 hours from Pucon, Chile, 4 hours from Neuquen Capital or 40 minutes from Junin de los Andes and can be found 20 km from the nearest town Las Coloradas.

Experience Passes will be available for $300 (plus fees) on April 23 @ 12:07pm (-3 GMT).

We’re grateful for the local event producers and provincial officials who are joining the team to make this event a safe space for creating a magical experience. We are very much looking forward to gathering with you once again!
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OE17 Build Series Episode 11 Recap

What an amazing experience. As the cleanup moves into full swing, we can scarcely believe what has transpired. Many have been here for months and some as early as June 3. Plans to create this experience go back to 2006 after the Total Solar Eclipse in Turkey but the history that brought us here goes back even further.We thank the people who helped make this event what it was. We thank those who came before us hosting 2006 in Turkey and 2002 in Australia which inspired us to create this event. We thank the Woodward family and the stewards of the land that came before... and we thank YOU for being part of this.This event will never happen again. It came with warts and obstacles and challenges but ultimately, we were able to bring together 30k people plus staff to witness the miracle of a Total Solar Eclipse. We hope that moment inspired an appreciation of the cosmos as alive and beautiful. It sure looked beautiful to us.Until we meet again!Music : Pumpkin "shifting things" ft. Kyrstyn PixtonEdit : The Kitchen Sync

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OE17 Hyperlapse

Its hard to believe that Oregon Eclipse ended a week ago. The event was the culmination of years of designing and planning and now a small team of about 40 people continue to pick up the pieces and put them where they belong.This ephemeral experience happened so very quickly and we are thankful for our photogs and capture team in seeing the event through their lens.Music : CharlestheFirst "The Mist" featuring Chloé CloZeeEdit : Jacob Avanzato Photography

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3 months ago

Global Eclipse

¡Envision Festival, colaborador de Patagonia Gathering, celebra su décimo aniversario en 2020! ¡Echa un vistazo a su contribución única al espacio del festival!

Global Eclipse Patagonia Gathering collaborator Envision festival is celebrating their 10 year anniversary in 2020! Check out their unique contribution to the festival space!



The Original Jungle Festival was born ten years ago,
and its wild spirit is beyond imagination.
The journey to the Anniversary year, starts now.
Agency: SPEKK
Director & Writer: Alana Hutton-Shaw
DP & Pictionary ProductionsductionsCloZee: CloZee « Koto »:
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This is a great video!

I’ve been going to Envision for 4 years now, working with the kids for 2 and after the last Eclipse gathering in Oregon I wouldn’t miss Patagonia! So excited for this gathering of humanity.

Our life is full gracias this is a gathering of friends who are family.

Let's be together!

Loulii Megahed

Where this event Will present?

So keen

Ένα ταξίδι που θα βρω του χρόνου θα βρεθώ Ο ΔΙΑΧΕΙΡΗΣΤΗΣ

Janischou Bigoodi

Caroline Line Eloodie Foornieles Riri Leymo

Tevalyn Elizabeth Michael

Kat Zen

Balam Molecular

Fernando Verbic

Pandia Javiera


Roberto Monzón

Candela Molina Paloma Moltrassi Díaz

Koadi Lee Black Sun

One these days Imma make it to envision

Rodrigo Herrera

Matias Witt

Michael Macdonald Dygital I'd like to get us here someday

Dave Breeze Costa Rica...?! Xxx

Nacho Micieli Gianfranco Francioni Ramiro Barrosa

3 months ago

Global Eclipse

Queridos amigos, se ha abierto la convocatoria para co-crear juntos la increíble magia del Patagonia Eclipse Gathering 2020.

Hemos diseñado un sistema de comunicación para que puedan mostrarnos sus talentos. Pueden participar compartiendo conocimiento, alimentación, música, sanación, ecología y cultura.
¡Las puertas están abiertas!
¡Ya estan disponibles los formularios de aplicaciòn!

Your willingness to help us co-create the magic of Patagonia 2020 is incredible and we are excited to announce the doors are open!

Applications to make, shape, teach, sing, nourish, nurture and so much more are available now.

Get Involved:
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Perfecto! I left my date! I also have been messaging a bunch of you so... hope to get involved on a deeper level at least from the begining of the work on the site! :)

I am having complications with Emergency Contact info portion of the application....although it is all entered and correct. Anyone else?

Mis manos son suyas 🙌

The best week ever.

Stoked, fingers crossed!

Roberto Monzón

Dave Archer

Laura Fierling Konrad Xing Ng Barnett Rena Lackner

Lindsey Marie McCrum

Jake Lodder

Diego Campollo Dubois Fernando Campollo

Ana Ceron

Jared Oppenheim

Ally Grimm

Rachel Van Dusen Nicole Pierie O'Neill William Burdette Sara Burdette Pierie

Kenneth Brandon Zakzesky

When is the application deadline!?

Andres Caceres Jose Pablo Alvarez Franco Ulises Gomez

Is there an application deadline?

Diego Salazar hagámoslo papitooooos Anahata Ben las puertas están abiertas 😍

Corey GPotter

Thi Le Samar Ahm

Brò Moofader

Aidan Lincoln

Ryan Sinatra

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