Global Eclipse Festival – United States – 10.12.2020


10.12.2020 - 16.12.2020

Global Eclipse

United States

We seek to provide a space for the fusion of aesthetics, sound, and natural living, in an atmosphere of interactive co-creation

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More about Global Eclipse

We're SO EXCITED for the adventure before us. Two years from today we will witness a Total Solar Eclipse in Patagonia. Members of the collaborating teams are on the ground as we speak, making an offering to the land that we hope to be hosting us, in the same manner we approached the land that welcomed us for Oregon Eclipse.

We are not ready to provide specifics but we have a site selected and are currently building relationships with the local community. This is one of the most special opportunities about producing gatherings around eclipses. We create relationships all over the world while we circumnavigate the magic of the cosmos.

We will continue to keep you informed with the latest developments but know that we are working to create another eclectic experience that you will remember for the rest of your life.

Looking forward to sharing peak moments with you again!
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OE17 Build Series Episode 11 Recap

What an amazing experience. As the cleanup moves into full swing, we can scarcely believe what has transpired. Many have been here for months and some as early as June 3. Plans to create this experience go back to 2006 after the Total Solar Eclipse in Turkey but the history that brought us here goes back even further.We thank the people who helped make this event what it was. We thank those who came before us hosting 2006 in Turkey and 2002 in Australia which inspired us to create this event. We thank the Woodward family and the stewards of the land that came before... and we thank YOU for being part of this.This event will never happen again. It came with warts and obstacles and challenges but ultimately, we were able to bring together 30k people plus staff to witness the miracle of a Total Solar Eclipse. We hope that moment inspired an appreciation of the cosmos as alive and beautiful. It sure looked beautiful to us.Until we meet again!Music : Pumpkin "shifting things" ft. Kyrstyn PixtonEdit : The Kitchen Sync

Gepostet von Global Eclipse Gathering am Freitag, 25. August 2017
OE17 Hyperlapse

Its hard to believe that Oregon Eclipse ended a week ago. The event was the culmination of years of designing and planning and now a small team of about 40 people continue to pick up the pieces and put them where they belong.This ephemeral experience happened so very quickly and we are thankful for our photogs and capture team in seeing the event through their lens.Music : CharlestheFirst "The Mist" featuring Chloé CloZeeEdit : Jacob Avanzato Photography

Gepostet von Global Eclipse Gathering am Mittwoch, 30. August 2017

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As we grow and diversify our network we are blessed and humbled to be collaborating with partners from around the world. We’d like to take this time to present Reviveolution and their 10 Day Immersion into Permaculture featuring Rising Appalachia Music!

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Warren Wolff

Quentin Willot

Ana Beatriz Machado

PaLden KaRen bora????

Ruben Gomz ya quédate wey mira este pedo

Que fresada


I would have liked to go if I heard about it before now

Valeria Villagrán :0

Velia Garcia G 😍😍 go!

Reviveolution is legit!

I have my ticket for the concert and SO looking forward to it 💗

We're excited to share the premiere viewing of The Second Wave at the Regal LA LIVE Stadium Cineplex on Friday February 15 at 11:30am in Los Angeles during the Hollywood Reel Independent Film Festival!

Tickets :
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Please bring a showing to Seattle and Portland!

I can’t wait to see this!! I can’t make it to the premier, but would love to see it in WA!

Wow, I cannot wait for this to be released worldwide.

Christopher Awwad

Robin Nye you’re driving

As we work towards future creations it inspires us to reminisce on the past. It gives us great pleasure to announce the world premeire screening of The Second Wave, a documentary centered on Oregon Eclipse, at this year’s Hollywood Reel Independent Film Festival in Downtown Los Angeles.

Directed and Produced by South African/American filmmaker Ryan Frame, in association with the Sproutabout Film Fund, NV Studios and Chromacolor, The Second Wave is sure to appeal to nostalgia by touching the hearts and souls for those community members who gathered with us on August 21st 2017.

The film will be screened at the Regal LA LIVE Stadium Cineplex on Friday February 15 at 11:30am

Tickets can be purchased for $14 at

The Oregon Eclipse was an event that aspired to our highest intentions of creating global community through a synthesis of creativity. We remain committed to producing events along similar intentions and look forward to continued magical creations in the future.
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Que bien bailan me gustaría saber bailar eso

Life changing...the effects are still positively evident. Thank you 💓 I loved every minute of this consciously epic event💓

Was so epic


<3 Happy to have been a part of this

Bella really was memorable and historic.

Great festival! Won my first laurel here... good luck guys, so awesome I hope you win!

East Coast needs some love too! 🙃



Thank you!!! So looking forward to seeing this although I know it won't fully capture our my veins forever.

I hope more showing times will be added 😔

Will this ever be available online for purchase?

They posted this right at 11:11 ❤️

I wann.a watch it!!!! Roll it out across the world to show all what an amazing time we had!❤️❤️


HeyGuys some plan to post worldwide this movie? So libing in Brazil and for sure crazy for it. Tjanks!!!!

Sophie Tewksbury Jayden Litchfield Luke Smith this is the one I went to. So loose

One of the best week's of my life. 👐


Cool. Wish I could make it!

Take me back!!

Was just brilliant

This Looks Awesome 🙌😄💚

Gives me chills just thinking back on the day of the eclipse. So glad y’all documented that magical experience.

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