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In 1994 Kokopelli became wellknown in the media, being the first shop ever to sell psilocybin containing mushrooms over the counter.

Kokopelli Smartshop

kokopelli SmartshopThis controversial Fungi – of which the active substances are psilocybin and psilocin are listed but the mushroom itself is not – caused a hype in the Netherlands and many people have tried them since.
The first priority of the Team is to take care of the safety of the customers. Information was gathered from all kinds of publications . But also the experience of the staff is greatly appreciated. Vitamines and food supllements were integrated into the product range to complete a concept of “Total Body & Mind awareness”.
Their gallery has been growing ever since and became the home base for Kamiel Proost; a visionary psychedelic artist from Amsterdam. In the future they hope to collaborate with more national and international artist so be sure to check the page often!

Kokopelli still stands for a spiritual compagny offering legal psychoactive products in the safest way possible.
That is why it is the best place in Amsterdam for Entheogenics, Herbal E’s, Herb Smart Products, Seeds & Supplies, Vitamins, Art, Plants, Books and Gifts.

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This Sunday .......at Kokopelli , the Psychedelic society

Exploring altered states and scientific freedomJun 18, 7:30pmKokopelli Smartshop18 June: Exploring Altered states and scientific freedom
Talk & discussion with Aleksandra Gracjasz

We'll start the evening with a talk by Aleksandra Gracjasz (MSc) who wrote an essay on the state's relationship with psychedelics research at the Behavioural and Social Sciences Department at Utrecht University.

"A psychedelic cure; an exploration and analysis on the state’s relationship with scientific research"

During this talk she'll map out the difficulties and obstacles present while doing research in psychedelics. Her research also contributes a lot to our understanding of how scientific research and the state are inextricably linked through historical, cultural and economic dependencies.

Discussion on altered states of consciousness

Aleksandra wrote her master’s thesis on altered states of consciousness (ASC) achieved through dance rituals. After the talk, we'll explore together the different ways of inducing altered states.

Some of you have probably experienced that not only psychedelics, but also dance rituals, sound and vibration, meditation and yoga are capable of inducing altered states.

Perhaps you have a particular experience or insight that you would like to share? By any means, you are most welcome to participate in the discussion!

Location: Kokopelli Smartshop, Warmoesstraat 12
Doors open: 19.30
Start lecture: 20.00
Entry is free, but your donations pay for the rent

The Kokopelli bar is open for coffee, tea and snacks
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Exploring altered states and scientific freedom

3 months ago

Kokopelli Smartshop

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